Why Starting a Career in Automotive Sales is The Best Move You’ll Make in 2012

If you haven’t thought about starting a career in automotive sales before, now may be the best time to do so.
Let’s take a look at some hard sales numbers from the first two months of 2012, and you’ll see that opportunity is definitely knocking:

2012 Is Your Year In Automotive Sales

2012 Is Your Year In Automotive Sales

1. January 2012 Car Sales Rose 11% (Source: Reuters)

2. February 2012 Car Sales Rose 16%. (Source: NY Times)

3. Volkswagen, BMW, Chrysler, Mazda, Kia and Suzuki all reported more than a 30% increase in February (Source: Automobile Magazine)

4. Ford, Toyota, Honda and Nissan all reported more than a 10% increase in February (Source: Automobile Magazine)

5. 2012 Annual Auto Sales Rates Are at a 4 Year High (Source: CNBC)

6. Buyers paid an average of $1,943 more for a car than 2011 (Source: TrueCar.com)

Perhaps “opportunity is knocking” wasn’t strong enough.  Maybe it should have been: “opportunity is breaking down the door”.
Although there are definite positive trends happening now in the automotive industry, there are still a lot of sales skills and nuances that must be learned or trained – for both experienced sales people and young sales people alike – before becoming successful at selling cars.
Auto Solutions Automotive Recruiting and Training has helped hundreds of sales people already this year – will you be the next?

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