AutoLoop Introduces Engage™, a Call Center Solution Proven to Increase Sales & Service Profitability for Auto Dealers


Clearwater, FL--October 13th, 2014--AutoLoop today introduced EngageTM, a call center solution proven to engage customers and increase sales and service profitability for auto dealers. Building on twenty years of call center experience obtained in the 2014 merger with CAR-Research XRM, AutoLoop Engage uses USA-based agents to manage all inbound sales and service calls for dealers, perform unsold prospect surveys to increase sales and provide industry-unique true ad sourcing, service new and aged Internet leads and improve dealership CSI.


"Data collected from the thousands of customers we have spoken with shows that dealerships often answer only one of six incoming sales and service calls properly, and that in service departments more than 70 percent of inbound calls can go to voicemail or result in customer hang-ups from long holds," said Keith Shetterly, Vice President of AutoLoop Engage. "Capturing and engaging these missed opportunities is critical for dealerships to stay competitive and build customer loyalty. That's why we named the product Engage."


Agents undergo rigorous training in AutoLoop's Adept AgentTM program and are continually focused on getting the best results for dealer clients. They engage with customers to increase sales and improve dealership CSI


The Engage call center solution delivers auto dealers the following benefits:


Increase Sales and Service Appointments


Engage agents respond to Internet leads, mine CRMs for inactive leads, and set sales and service appointments. In dealerships that retain Engage for their service departments, agents have increased service appointment volume by an average ten to thirty percent, resulting in a larger average Repair Order (RO) total overall.


Turn Unsold Customers Into Be-Backs


On average, 80 percent of all showroom ups leave a dealership without purchasing. Engage associates make multiple follow-up attempts and connect with 60 to 70 percent of these unsold customers within a critical two to twenty-four hour time period--before they've had time to buy from another dealership.

This follow-up results in increased be-back and closing ratios.


Discover Process Breakdowns


Engage agents are trained to ask customers about the Road to the Sale (RTS) process in order to discover if and where breakdowns occurred. Often customers had a positive experience at a dealership but don't share their issues while at the dealership and won't tell the salesperson if they call. Engage agents find the truth, resulting in more be-backs and more sales.


Identify Best Ad Sources


Engage agents ask every unsold customer which ad was most prominent in their decision to visit, resulting in the industry's most accurate ad sourcing available. Dealers receive information about which ads, online and offline, are working for them so they can save in their overall ad spend.


Increase Customer Satisfaction and Dealership CSI Scores


Engage agents report customer issues from both sales and service to dealers so they can be quickly resolved, increasing customer satisfaction and boosting OEM CSI scores. USA-based call center associates ensure that the customer experience is seamless and there won't be any language barriers.


"Because we are a third-party service, customers are more comfortable opening up to us and our agents get to know the 'true voice' of the customer,” said Shetterly.  "We find out the real reasons why the customer didn't buy, gather valuable CSI information and drive a significant percentage of customers back to the dealership. Over time our unmatched customer engagement results in improved processes, better customer retention and increased profitability."




AutoLoop Engage is CRM-agnostic and available to dealers using virtually any CRM System. Engage is available immediately to auto dealerships in the U.S. For more information, visit


About AutoLoop

Since 2005, AutoLoop's commitment to "Retention Through Engagement" has helped automotive dealerships nationwide increase sales, improve client retention and achieve overall higher satisfaction ratings. An Inc. 500 company with over 35 million names in its database and nearly a billion individual communications initiated, AutoLoop is passionate about being the best customer retention partner for dealerships. Follow AutoLoop on Twitter @AutoLoop1 and on Facebook at /AutoLoop1

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Comment by steven chessin on October 15, 2014 at 6:15pm


First, let me say thank you. This is such important info !  Out-sourcing communications of every format is important for any business capable of generating massive inbound and outbounds.  

My dad was a doctor. When I called him a receptionist transferred my call to his personal assistant, who would ask me if I needed to speak to him or leave a message for him. I'd tell her I left his car and picked-up his service loaner. A tiered phone priority system at the hospital that buffered doctors from calls that did not require their immediate medical attention. Today, when I have an appointment with a doctor I get an automated email -  automated text - and automated voice-mail to remind me.

Why doesn't the auto sales / service industry look to other industries that are have more advanced communications and emulate them instead of clinging to an obsolete approach ?  Separating and delegating lower-tier communications to those people - and machines - that are appropriate for the lower-tier insures that a specialist's valuable time will be available for upper-tier when it is truly needed. 

If I can get to the "doctor" too easily and too fast it makes me concerned that he was too available. It is like the story of "Crying Wolf" when there is no wolf. That children's story tells us to prioritize communications. People might not like to wait - but - secretly they do or they lose respect. It SHOULD take a few steps, And even then - people know if they are talking to a FINAL DECISION MAKER. Why would a that person talk to them ?  They know we will get them to the appropriate level.

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