Welcome back! We’ve been discussing where to advertise for a few weeks now in our newest video series, Advertising for Success! You’ve heard our ideas about where to promote in person and using your social network, and we’ve heard from Ali about how to get creative. 

When I met Ali Reda in 2010, he was ten years into the business selling 25-30 units a month. He was obviously not at the peak of his career, but some days he felt like that. That’s what he could see from there, and we had to move to that next level for him to be able to really see what was possible. 

He had spent ten years building up his business, being patient, hoping for the dam to break. He knew it was a long game from the beginning, so he was prepared to wait. When we started working together, asking questions, finding focus, being present and aware of every interaction throughout every day - that’s when it all happened. 

Your career does not last in 30 day increments. It’s not instant gratification we’re looking for.  You’ve got to be able to look ahead to two years, five years, ten years. People only fail because they give up. Have faith in your process, and in yourself. I invite you to watch this week’s video, and start working for the long game.

Participate in your community! 75% of promotion is motion - so just move! Do anything, and don’t put it off. Start anywhere you can think of, and see where it leads you. 

Be consistent, repetitive, and patient. Be persistent. Be unstoppable. Be yourself. Let them see you! Give them the opportunity to know you, and get out there!

It’s going to take you some time. Just consistently show up. Say hello to all your friends, and make friends with all the people you haven’t met yet. You’ve got to be able to look ahead to the end result. When the dam breaks, you’ll want to have done all you can to make it feel like a flood. 

Let’s try something. Grab a pen and paper, and write down the answers to these questions…

  • What’s my monthly sales average today?
  • What’s my next level number?
  • What’s my dream number?
  • Where do I see my career in five years?

This is your career. These are your goals, and we want to help you to grow into them. We want you to forge forward, intentionally toward your dream life! There are so many wild success stories in our industry - so many that I know it’s possible for you to have one of your own. 

You can hear more about my story, and Ali’s too in our book, How to Sell 100 Cars a Month. Click here to get your free copy now!

Do you know someone with one of these success stories? In the comments below, tell us about it. Let’s inspire each other!

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