Hello again, my friends! We’re so happy to have you on this journey we’re calling Advertising for Success. We’ve been learning some amazing tips from Ali Reda on marketing yourself, and don’t you worry, folks! There’s plenty more to discuss.  Last week, we started to talk about marketing to businesses. We gave you some starter ideas on how to show up at these places, and make an impact in your life and in theirs. Did you go see anybody? Have you been into some nearby businesses? Are you ready to start doing the work? I invite you to watch this week’s video, jot down some notes, and start planning for your success. Advertise however you can, wherever you go. There are so many ways to be impressionable in your marketplace. Try everything!  Like what, you ask?

  • Build a Fence - Focused on the virtual perimeter you build around a specific geographic location to deliver targeted messaging, geofencing hyper-targets your prospects at the right place and the right time. The general rule is to keep your geofencing to a four- or five-minute travel radius. You’ll want to have a clear call to action that requires immediate attention. All the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) have geofencing capabilities. It should be noted that Facebook and Instagram support geofencing at no additional charge. Through these platforms you define your radius, and ads are sent to consumers when they enter that geofenced area.
  • Local Billboards & Newspaper - Put your face out there, and they will recognize you as a trusted local advisor. You want them to see you often, to know your name. You want them to have no questions about your integrity. You are a part of their community. Your kids go to school with their kids. You are just around the corner, waiting to be a helpful friend.
  • Radio Spot - Carlos has been on a local radio show weekly for quite some time now. He doesn’t get on there and talk about himself. He doesn’t tell them to come on in and buy a car from him. He answers questions about credit, trade-ins, leases, contracts, and service. He answers all their questions truthfully because it is his goal to be good for people.
  • Community Events - Be part of your tribe! Your local community needs to know that you are with them, that you want to support them. They need to see that you care about the well-being of their stomping ground because it is also yours. Show them that you’re in this together!

“That 3-on-3 tournament was twenty years ago! Twenty years ago, and I’m still advertising with this place.” -Ali Reda

  • Tag, tag, tag! - So you went to your neighborhood’s newest coffee shop and loved it? Your local mechanic went above and beyond to truly take care of you? The florist in town made the most impressive arrangement for your anniversary? Take a picture, post about it, and tag the business. Encourage your people to come out and support them. With a social network in the palm of our hands, we have every opportunity to help our community and everyone in it thrive. I promise it will not go unnoticed. When you’re good to people, they’ll be good to you!
  • Be thankful! - Make your presence known in that coffee shop, not just with the tag, but with actual in-person gratitude. They are working hard, and they’ll remember that you recognized that. Tell them how wonderful your experience with them was, and then tell all your friends with the simple click of a button. You make an impact on somebody’s business when you tell everybody about their business. Do this, and they’ll never forget you.

It’s all just trial and error, my friend. Treat everything in life like an advertisement. Try everything you can think of, and keep doing what works. Most importantly, don’t forget you’re playing a long game. Be persistent and consistent, and eventually EVERYONE will know you, like you, trust you, and believe in you!  Interested in learning with us? We want to help you reach incredibly high sales numbers! We want you to live the life you’ve been working for! Join me and Ali in the 100 Cars Club now!  Got a great idea about where you’ll advertise? Tell us in the comments below! 

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