We’re back with Advertising for Success. In our video series, we’ve been hearing from Ali Reda about marketing your business. It’s our goal at Auto Training Academy to give you the tools you need to find great success in this business, and believe me… we’re not even close to the end of our list of suggestions!

We’ve been spending our time for the last few weeks discussing marketing to businesses in your community. By now, you’ve probably gone into one or two of your favorite local spots and began to implement our suggestions. Right? 

Advertising this way feels pretty easy, doesn’t it?! You didn’t have to go out of your way at all, did you? All you have to do is really be where you already are. When you pick up your breakfast on the way into work, thank the staff. Get to know them, ask about their lives, and be grateful for them. You see these people almost every morning. Shouldn’t you be friends with them? Of course you should! 

So, where else should you go?

  • Dry Cleaners - How often do we all go to the dry cleaners? Maybe twice a month? And you don’t know the name of the human who takes care of you? So, you go in there 24 times a year and you’ve managed to avoid becoming a friend? It is a benefit to people to know you, and it is a benefit for you to know them. Let them know that you see their worth, and don’t leave anyone out!
  • Local Restaurants - It doesn’t matter if there are five employees or fifty, there are no better advocates for your business than a restaurant staff. They talk to everyone! Their customers like them, trust them, and believe in them. Their regulars, more importantly, are local! Do you know who your favorite server is at your date night spot? Or the bartender at the local pub? Be yourself, be kind, and tip well. Compliment and thank them, of course too, but monetary gifts are most appreciated in this industry. Honor that, and they will have an easier time loving you.
  • Your Children’s School Functions - We’ve told you in the past to be sure you’re volunteering for the kids consistently. Pass out gatorade at the football games, help with fundraising, make cookies for the bake sale. I used to put on a fish fry every year for my daughter’s basketball team uniforms. And you know who supports the team? A whole school’s worth of parents! Be present in the places that matter most. Yes, this is about your business! That’s why this one is brilliant. We work long hours, and sometimes we don’t get to spend as much time as we’d like to with the ones we’re doing it all for. Two birds, my friend.
  • Grocery Stores - Not sure how to meet the manager? Well, I suggest you couple this one up with that whole school support idea above. Go in there and tell them about the fish fry. It’s worth asking if they want to donate any fish, or even cornmeal really. You know it’s not about whether or not they give you a thing at all, now you know the people in the grocery store. And now the people in the grocery store know that you care about the community.

Wherever you already go, just stop in and say hi. I invite you to watch this week’s video for a couple of advertising faux pas we’ve encountered, and about the opportunity of putting yourself in places that you “shouldn’t be.” 

Ernie had to take his billboard down, sure! But the damage was already done! That billboard was up for a whole month before it was pulled, and Ernie was already a consistent thought for all those passing by. 

Consistency, my friends! It’s all about putting yourself where they can see you, even if you’re not supposed to be there.

My round-to-it advertising, I understand now, was not in integrity. But hey, it was the 90’s! I do not suggest that you go infiltrate other dealerships’ business. I just want you to see that we have to be looking for creative ways to get ourselves seen. The round-to-its started as an idea from Zig Ziglar. I could’ve left it alone, but the right thing to do then, was to try it! We have to try everything, to be inventive, and always receptive. 

Whatever you do, don’t give up. It’ll happen, and when the dam breaks there will be so many people. So many who know who you are, and want what you have to offer.

We want to help you find this kind of success too! We want to help build up that dam for you, so it breaks even sooner. You see, this is YOUR business. It’s your market, your career, your name, and your people. We want to get you to your next level, and this week we’re opening up a very special offer JUST FOR YOU. Want to work exclusively with me and Ali Reda? Click here to join us to see what we’re all about.

In the comments below, tell us “Are you ready to get to your next level?”

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