Last week in our video series, Begin Again, we went over a 3-step selling process made to simplify the way you do business. The dealer model’s road to the sale is complicated. It’s too many steps, and too much to remember.

When you’re with a customer, you want to be present to them and focused on their needs. You do not want to be worried about missing a step. You do not want to be trying to say all the words that you were given. They can tell when you’re distracted, and unfortunately, it probably comes across as inattentive, dishonest, and detached.

Of course, that’s not what you want. You want to build lifelong relationships. You want them to like you, trust you, and believe in you. You want them to walk away knowing that you are the only person they’ll ever buy another car from. You want them to feel attached.

Taking your selling process down to three easy steps will allow you to be yourself, to build this relationship, to pay attention to your customer, to listen to what they have to say and really help them get what they need. All you have to do is ask questions, give information, and offer solutions. Simple as that! Watch this week’s video to hear more about it.

The purpose of that second step - give information - is to build value. You learned all about what they care about and what their needs are in Step 1. When you asked questions to get their picture, you found out what problems they are trying to move away from, and what possibilities they are hoping to move toward. Having the answers to those questions can help you to easily narrow down choices and direct the customer to the lowest-priced, in-stock unit that fits their picture. There are three ways to give information successfully that will benefit you, your customer, and the efficiency of your process.

1. Product Presentation
You’ll find on p.166 of Keep It Simple Selling how to do a product presentation that comes from your heart. The goal here is to be interesting, entertaining, and fun. This is Disneyland. It’s showtime. Get the customer excited about this vehicle that’s going to fit their picture and solve their “PP” perfectly! Start on the outside, and then move to the inside. In the product presentation, you show the customers what they’re getting for their money. You want to provide compelling information that shows them how the vehicles you are presenting will help them solve their “PP.” The purpose here is to build more value than price. The way you accomplish that is by providing the customer with an incredibly powerful product presentation where you show them all the features and benefits that fit their picture. You’ll find in the Auto Success Blueprint, a bonus section called ‘What Salespeople Want.’ In Video 3, I go over this in full detail.

2. Demo Ride
I recommend at least a 20 minute demo ride. Give them the time it takes to become one with the vehicle. Don’t rush this step! The longer the demo ride, the more spiritually connected they get to the car. Here’s why the longer the demo ride, the better off the customer is. The first 10 or 15 minutes of the ride, they’re thinking touch this, feel this, imagine this, I wonder how much it’s going to cost, I’m not sure how good my credit is, I’m not buying this today, I hope I can make something work… They’re in their heads, thinking about all the different reasons why this shouldn’t happen today. At some point, they will drift off and move to their imagination. They are driving somewhere else. They are seeing themselves pull into their favorite restaurant. They imagine pulling up to work in this new truck. They’re feeling proud. You want this feeling to linger.

3. Introduce Them to Service
Let them meet your favorite service advisor. Have that service advisor tell them all the great things that come when we take care of your service. Toyota proved that if you can get people back to the dealership to do service three times, there’s a 70% chance that they’ll buy again from that dealership. Need I say more?

Keeping your process simple will free you up to be completely attentive to the needs of your customers. Three easy steps is all it takes to truly listen, and solve. Help them find what they’re looking for based on their needs. Be compassionate, get them a solution that fits all of their hopes that they can afford. Take care of people so that you are a trusted guide for them. They will always come back to you if they know you are FOR THEM!

In the comments below, tell us how many steps are in your current process. Are you excited to revise, and have only three?

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