In our video series, Begin Again, we’ve been talking to you about Auto Training Academy’s 3-step selling process, and how to start using it to simplify the way you do business. Now that you know more about what to do with your customers in a deal, let’s talk about who those customers are and where they come from. 

You know all about the apple tree, right? We all have an apple tree full of important people who already know us, like us, and believe in us. Our goal for you, and everyone in the industry, is to build a business that’s 100% based in relationships. It’s possible, and many of our high achievers have created and sustained a successful business serving and helping the people they already know. 

We want you to build a business that thrives. We want your business to cater to the lifelong relationships you’ve already cultivated, and to put yourself out there to find new friendships so that you can help more people along the way. 

Community is all around us. It starts in your backyard, and its reach is long. There are so many places you can go to meet new people and support your community. It’s important to get out there, and make connections with everyone. Ali says often, “Wherever you go, really be there.” Do you know the name of the barista who gets your coffee every morning? How about the other parents of your daughter’s basketball team? Do you know the guy who delivers the water to the dealership?

What relationships have you overlooked? Who are you not noticing? That’s what we’re going to talk about today! I invite you to watch this week’s video, and find out who you are missing.

You have to start noticing who you’re missing. There are vendors and service people in your dealership every day, and you don’t know them. You haven’t even said hi to them. Don’t worry though. None of the other salespeople are acknowledging them either. These are missed opportunities. You are missing out on relationships. 

To be in the relationship business successfully, you’ve got to be aware of who is passing by. Get to know everyone, take care of people, and eventually take care of their friends and family. Just by being the only person in that dealership who pays attention and sees people, your business will expand exponentially.

What can you do NOW to start shifting to 100% relationships? 
  • Start saying hello to EVERYONE! Engage, engage, engage. Get out there and go to local events. Support your community. Ask people about themselves. Don’t solicit business. Just let them see who you are. Say hi to the people that no one else is seeing, even in your very own dealership.
  • Find your steps. Every high achiever has three first steps of each day that set the tone for success. Figure out what they are, and begin to implement them in your everyday process. When you treat yourself to a morning that starts you on the right foot, your days will be more consistent and less stressful. This will allow you the space you need to be present to your current and future customers.
  • Be who you are at your best! Keep your list somewhere close, and refer to it often. If you missed the beginning of our series, I encourage you to go back and take a look. Sometimes we all need a reminder of how incredible we actually are.
We want to be here for you as you make the shift! Believe that you can do it... YOU absolutely can! Acknowledge everyone. See everyone. Say hi to everyone. It’s surprising how much a smile and a quick hello can change someone’s day, and make you memorable. It’s too easy. Be good to the people in your community just by noticing them.  

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In the comments below, name someone that you met this week. Wasn’t that easy?

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