CarChat24 wins 2015 AWA Automotive Website Award

The CarChat24 team is proud to announce we have received an Automotive Website Award for Marketing Innovation. The prestigious award was presented in San Francisco on January 22, 2015, as the 2015 National Automotive Dealers Association conference kicked off, and coincides with our fourth DrivingSales award for excellence in chat.

The AWA awards are presented annually just prior to the start of the NADA conference by consulting firm PGC Consulting, Inc., and “recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing”, in a variety of categories.

“We are pleased to present CarChat24 with an AWA for Marketing innovation,” said the PCG announcement, noting that “the CarChat24 platform is fully compatible with mobile websites, adaptive or responsive versions. The company has vast experience working with website vendors that provide dealer websites in the United States and Canada.”

“CarChat24 provides dealers with 24/7 managed chat services with one of the most affordable pricing models that PCG reviewed this year… the company offers a robust chat management interface. CarChat24 provides both an outsourced model as well as an internally managed model. If dealers choose to manage their own chat, they will be pleased with the reporting that CarChat24 offers their customers. In fact, the company has the best chat reporting tools in the industry.”

PCG Consulting, Inc., is a dealership consulting and training services company that provides dealers with vendor-neutral product recommendations to help improve process, sales and profits.

Tom LaPointe CarChat24 Marketing Consultant 24/7 Interactive Automotive Dealer Website LIVE CHAT Solutions Managed Chat, Backup Chat Support, and chat software options 727-638-0195

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Tom has an MBA in Marketing and is an automotive writer and author with nearly 20 years experience in virtually every aspect of the retail auto industry. He has been involved with the internet from the beginning, building websites at Johns Hopkins University in the 90's, and has been a performance leader in nearly every dealer role, from sales and service, to BDC / internet sales and viral marketing.

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