Sometimes going behind the analytical data or numbers just is not enough! We tend to seek or want more answers! We try and find answers by trying to connect to allies , peers , friends or other dealers! We need to instead connect to Wisdom!  Seek it....and you shall find!

Mentors are those who brings wisdom into play! Their wisdom comes from achieved results and credibility to much disciplined consistency!! The automotive Industry needs so many more great coaches and mentors with a true duplication process!

There is NO race that needs be won!!!  Is this not suppose to be about what we MUST instill?

The automotive industry offers such a wide vertical of markets and trades that has so many challenges; we need not forget that the focus should be to strive being part of a solution instead of thinking of the opportunity gain. Credibility we must demand for ourselves!                        

                                                                   "Visionary Thinking Leads to Action"

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