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Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

On Episode 9 of the +MarketPunch Podcast, Joe Chura CEO of DealerInspire explores what Responsive and Adaptive web design is all about and what it means to your mobile web strategy. 

The differences and similarities between RWD & AWD

- If one is "better" than the other

- Why we should pay attention to Google on the subject

- The bottom line when it comes to…


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Differentiate your Business!

Differentiate - Differentiate -Differentiate

It's essential to give your customers good reasons to come to you rather than going somewhere else.  You must differentiate with something that matters to your market, product and your customers. You might offer a…


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Listen to Chis Saraceno's monthly radio segment

Chris Saraceno has a monthly segment co host on The Sean Moffett
Radio show! Listen to the first Moffett / Saraceno segment from last week!
Congrats Chris! We are excited to have you part of The Sean Moffett
Radio Show!

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Interview with Chris Saraceno from the Sean Moffett radio show!

Listen to this great interview with Chris Saraceno on the Sean Moffett radio show!

Thank you Chris from all of us at The Mofett Company for being part of such a fantastic show! It was fantastic!!


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Empathy Please!!

You can’t just simply motivate people. You cannot motivate people unless you are living the of example of change. Judgement is not something God granted to us! 
I think that the best , yet the hardest way, to motivate inspirational success...…

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Connecting to Wisdom!

Sometimes going behind the analytical data or numbers just is not enough! We tend to seek or want more answers! We try and find answers by trying to connect to allies , peers , friends or other dealers! We need to instead connect to Wisdom!  Seek it....and you shall find!

Mentors are those who brings wisdom into play! Their wisdom…


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What does your online story tell?


I happen…


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Digital Divide or Digital Opportunity?

Technology has a double edged sword and equally can be "our killer" as much as it can be our "life savior". It also holds opportunity and our success at hand.

The biggest and most important problem I see for many car dealers is that most fall into being a "follower" and not "leader". Our concern and effort to what others are doing has much time, money and focus invested…


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Do you have a Strategy for the Car-Buying Season?

What are you anticipating from your car buyers this summer? Or do you only reflect back to the prior years production?

 As we all know, times and financial circumstances have changed much while car buyers are more educated and much more careful who they choose to place their trust and business with.…


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Sales Killer!

Demotivation is the biggest problem any business can ever have. It is your biggest business success killer you can ever have. Have you recently questioned how motivated your staff is?  The motivated role models and examples of business excitement is not as affluent as you imagine. Motivation affects your staff and your productivity. Before you wonder what happened, I suggest taking quick inventory and ask what have you done lately to KICK the demotivation out of your business door??

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What do you do again?

Bless my father''s south African farmer knowledge and the desire to understand the concept of "digital marketing".A true reminder of how early we "learn" and develop our own human character in life.

A few minutes ago my father called me from South Africa and as the conversation went on my father once again inquired about my career and job. My father asked "Lizelle, I know you sell services and  that you are in sales.I know you are in the automotive business and…


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WAAI Announces 2012 Spirit of Leadership Event

WAAI Announces 2012 Spirit of Leadership Event

Awards dinner and leadership retreat presented by the Women’s Automotive Association International honors professional women in the automotive industry


The Women’s Automotive Association International (WAAI) has announced the date for the 2012 Spirit of Leadership awards dinner and leadership retreat. The event will take place February 4th and February 5th,…


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Your Customer retention is loosing to your quest to solve the 3rd party lead mystery

For the amount of time spent and effort wasted on finding the magical 3rd party lead provider, the one that nobody has, the one that converts high, the one that is free of charge and the one who will give you ALL exclusivity– have you forgotten about your current customers?  Were they left out of your Digital Marketing Strategy?  Did they even make your budget this month?

Your current consumers are yours, you have gained their trust and business already, you did all of…


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Sell yourself to yourself!

In the effort to make a sale some sales approaches can lack some very serious ingredients. Pushing a customer without qualifying their needs and not providing honest feedback is like covering a wound with a temporary bandage.

Definition of BAND-AID: offering, making use of, or serving as a temporary or expedient remedy or solution

It is a salesperson’s job to sell, but quality selling always…


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Proactive Customer Support Strategy

Proactive customer support and service identifies and resolves issues before they become problems. Proactive communication and proactive selling can help you drive business with higher customer loyalty.

Differentiate through superior customer service, exceeding customer expectations with personalized and unique touches and give your customers the power of choice. Being customer ready drives superior customer care and improves client retention.

Start by…


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Honesty is such a lonely word!

It surely is true and I am such a believer of being HONEST when looking to find a dealer a solution. Honesty is surely the best practice one MUST be able to deliver at ALL times and YES, especially in the sales world!!

If you cannot be open and honest about your opinion, the product and or the results then you should probably…


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Snap out of it!

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to “have it all” and others complain all the time? Why do people continue to choose to fail? Why do people keep Blaming others if things don't go as planned?

If you talk to people who have achieved great things in life, they will tell you that persistence is one of the key factors for their success. People who are successful believe that they are capable of success. Positive thinking and positive people are…


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Scholarships for all women in the automotive industry

Scholarship Provides Further Opportunities to Empower Women in the Automotive Industry. 

PCG Digital Marketing’s ‘Pit Stop’ tours are bringing cutting edge digital marketing training to car dealers in the US and Canada. The Pit Stop tours provide marketing tune-ups in social media, lead management, Google maps, microsites, mobile websites, CRM processes, Google Adwords, automotive SEO, fixed operations and integrated advertising…


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Digitally Proactive

Reputation Management requires you to have a great online presence so you grow your business and make an impact in your market. Credibility is everything in business. A bad reputation means bad business, and bad business means lost revenues and low sales numbers. Every customer represents an opportunity.

Boost your Online Presence Visibility and searchability. Appearing on the first page of search engine results with intriguing content and good reviews…


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Cant touch this!!

Small businesses and owners SHOULD understand the importance of branding! What is branding? It is everything your company does or doesn’t do. Influenced, evaluated, judged, compared in the minds of your audience every given moment of the day. This DOES NOT mean that your spending budget needs to double, or you need to get a second mortgage on your home. How about offering the BEST, most Exceptional,  Unforgettable customer experience with some outstanding character? Not just be the…


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