Technology has a double edged sword and equally can be "our killer" as much as it can be our "life savior". It also holds opportunity and our success at hand.

The biggest and most important problem I see for many car dealers is that most fall into being a "follower" and not "leader". Our concern and effort to what others are doing has much time, money and focus invested already!

"If I don't do what they do, I might not get a sale and they might"

Digital opportunities and strategies is only a benefit to business , if we are able and willing to understand the missed opportunities and short comings of our OWN business! No business strategy CAN be identical to that of any other dealer. There is no dealership in the country that is the same, operate the same,managed the same, or has a process the same.

The only digital advantage a dealership or business needs to focus on is that of its own. Seemingly we are all so concerned about the next town over that we completely forget about our own backyard!  

I feel that the business core and focal points needs to be fully in tact, prior to jumping into deeper higher waters!

There is a huge oversight within our own business core focal point!  A CRM Strategy !!! CRM Success is a missed opportunity within our own business and markets! We MUST demand for CRM Excellence!

Do you have a seamless integration in place ? Are you confident with how every aspect of your business touches your customer?

Communicating "THE How, THE What, THE Where, THE When and the TO Who" is the most important message that a business delivers!  

Delivering a message, with consistent expectations and a process is where you are able to differentiate your business from competition!  Before defining a Digital Strategy, we should  seek the Digital Divide. Isn’t it best to ensure that you have a CRM strategy in place first?

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Comment by Lizelle Landino on December 17, 2012 at 9:21pm

Thanks Mark! Appreciate the feedback

Comment by Mark Tewart on December 17, 2012 at 7:51pm

So true! Very good article

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