Do you have a Strategy for the Car-Buying Season?

What are you anticipating from your car buyers this summer? Or do you only reflect back to the prior years production?

 As we all know, times and financial circumstances have changed much while car buyers are more educated and much more careful who they choose to place their trust and business with.

 June is a few days away and I am simply amazed on the very little planning dealers have done so far. I am wondering if this Digital car buying day and age is leaving dealers feeling too overwhelmed?

Or is this just our 30 day sales way of living?

 I am very excited that I have been able to help a few dealers that are actively thinking and planning Strategically to achieve outstanding revenue and sales this summer!  

Few things I think dealers should have in mind:

  • Consumers are now much more patient and choose their patience as a power
  • Consumers are much more flexible, less loyal and and willing to settle if the price is more appealing
  • Car buyers are very educated on brand, price and reputation while researching “where everyone buys”!
  • The changing economy has actually forced households to discuss “which” or “what” car to buy since we can no longer have 3 vehicles per household. Spouses, families and compromising solutions is part of the decision making factors

Are you thinking about these “unimportant” things? What have you set in place for June, July and August so far?? Most importantly, do you really know your shoppers as well as you think you do?


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Comment by Lizelle Landino on May 28, 2012 at 11:50am

Thank you Bobby! You always show such kindness and interest, Thank you! Enjoy a wonderful weekend and

make sure to include some gratitude in there as well! :-)

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