Your Customer retention is loosing to your quest to solve the 3rd party lead mystery

For the amount of time spent and effort wasted on finding the magical 3rd party lead provider, the one that nobody has, the one that converts high, the one that is free of charge and the one who will give you ALL exclusivity– have you forgotten about your current customers?  Were they left out of your Digital Marketing Strategy?  Did they even make your budget this month?

Your current consumers are yours, you have gained their trust and business already, you did all of the hard work. Do not let those valuables Slip away and create a customer retention strategy.  Do you know who your customers are? 

Interestingly enough, most dealers would immediately jump and say that they surely know their own market and shoppers and will get offended by that question. Could you tell me exactly which ethnicity groups are unique to your market? Who spends most on fixed ops? I suggest you pull your top 5 customer zip codes, make sure that you identify and acknowledge those and immediately start a client retention strategy.

Client Retention could have such contagious affects for your dealership. If you treat them well, get to know them, provide ongoing excellence when servicing their vehicle, educate your customers about new interesting facts. As long as you take true valued care of your customers, they surely will do the same. The highest ROI comes from those referrals that they send you.

 Lets say you have 30% Hispanic clients in your market. What are you doing to increase your direct Hispanic market? If you have 30% you surely know you probably missed another 20% somewhere. Maybe you did not reach them maybe you did not buy. Do you offer a full Spanish Inventory site for those shoppers? How can you use the Spanish Website in marketing?

 My point is NOT that 3rd party lead providers are necessarily all bad.

Why are you spending time trying to take business from a dealer 48 miles away that does not even represent your brand? The place to conquer is your own backyard!! Dominate what you already have, maximize your hard earned work with an outstanding Loyal client retention strategy.  

 Your 3rd party lead provider fascination should temporarily take a back seat until you own your back yard. Once you do, jump on over to the next town.


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