You can’t just simply motivate people. You cannot motivate people unless you are living the of example of change. Judgement is not something God granted to us! 
I think that the best , yet the hardest way, to motivate inspirational success...
 Walk the walk, after you climb the mountains,  continue to go the extra mile as many times as it is required....
The best we  can hope for is to inspire others with our own actions. People who think they can use behavioral “science” or management techniques have not spent enough time on the receiving end of either.Let go of expectations because it has very little to do with reality!
Fear is the only thing that will try to stop you from being happy and being the best version of yourself!  Doubt will always try and stop you! Doubt will only stop you if you do not want the happiness and success in life that that bad .. If you need something bad enough, If you love something hard enough, if you dream about it long enough then YOU are the one responsible for whatever result you chose.
Doubt is like a car with the worst oil leak... its newer going to go away unless...YOU  BEAT IT DOWN WITH ALL THAT YOU HAVE! Beat it down until the end, Beat it down or go out dying! ... Doubt seems very sure of itself but... Kick it out because ......DOUBT IS DEAD WRONG!! 


Every decision you make in life has an "affect" , every single decision you make has an outcome , every decision you make WILL AFFECT THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

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Comment by Pat Kirley on June 4, 2013 at 6:43pm
You are correct, we must believe in ourselves

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