COURTESY SHUTTLE DRIVERS... Critical piece to your success puzzle.

Courtesy Shuttle Driver (CSD)
Do you have a courtesy shuttle driver working at your dealership? If you don't you should ask yourself why not?  Their position in your dealership is vital to all your staff. They're in very close contact with all your potential buyers and service customers. Their influence on your CSI and production is critical for a dealership's success. Who sees more potential buyers and service clients then your shuttle driver and shuttle vehicle?   
Your Shuttle Driver should:
  • Always look nice for work.
  • Have general etiquette training. (what to say and not to say)
  • Have weekly training on all your dealerships promotions and specials. (You don't want them to pitch or advertise, but they should be able to answer clients basic questions while driving.)
  • Have them on a set schedule for leaving the dealership so everyone knows when the shuttle is leaving. (Example: 7:40, 8:40, 9:40.) Yes things happen, but a schedule like the example gives you a window.
  • Help with car washes, porting, and greeting while not on the road.
  • Play up your amenities while conversing with your clients who are waiting to leave. (refreshments, wifi, etc..)
  • Take the shuttle van's appearance seriously. (Best way to advertise.) 
  • Keep up to date dealership news magazines and advertisement events. (Keep it nice and orderly.)
  • Along with everyone else in the Dealership, they should practice your company wide greeting. (Especially on the service drive.)  
Our clients want more personality and emotional benefits when making buying decisions.  Our human nature is to connect with people, not technology. Technology is not always a  good thing.  We think we are connected with friends, family, and the world, but in reality we are more disconnected than ever from the human spirit. Facebook, Twitter, online dating sites, and news feeds are a direct link to this new age.  Subconsciously we yearn for human contact in some form.  We cannot do anything to change the way the world keeps spinning, but the automotive industry can keep up with the times.   A shuttle driver's job is personal and emotional to your clients.  A perfect edge piece to your dealership employee puzzle.  

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Comment by Kristopher Hampton on April 10, 2015 at 2:54pm

Great idea for a dealer.  We seem to just skip the positions that are most important and hire anyone.  Thanks for your comments Sally.  

Comment by Sally Whitesell on April 10, 2015 at 2:08pm

Oh and I love the dogs Kris!

Comment by Sally Whitesell on April 10, 2015 at 2:07pm

I once had a dealer who dressed in a uniform and drove his shuttle van for a day.  Nobody knew who he was and the staff was instructed not to tell.  He shared that he learned more about his service department in one day than any report or survey could have shown him.  People share with your drivers!  Are your drivers trained on basic social interactions?  Do they pass suggestions and complaints on to a manager to handle?  This service is not just an amenity, it is a necessity!  Make hiring the right personality a priority!

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