Dealer Image Pro™ Integrates with Rapid Recon™ Improving Time to Market for Automotive Dealership Reconditioned Vehicles

Dealers Can Now Get Reconditioned Vehicles Frontline-Ready Faster & Boost Sales 

SACRAMENTO, CA (October 25, 2022) – Dealer Image Pro, a leader in professional photo, video, and interactive 360º software for automotive dealerships, announced today it has integrated its Photo Assistant™ and Autoport® software with Rapid Recon’s reconditioning workflow software to improve the time to market for automotive dealership reconditioned vehicles. 

Now displayed within the Photo Assistant™ and Autoport® inventory dashboard, dealership sales teams can view the Rapid Recon status of their used vehicles in real-time to quickly identify what stage of the reconditioning process a specific vehicle is in and whether that vehicle is ready to have photos taken. Once photos are ready, Dealer Image Pro provides mutual dealers with their inventory photo feeds directly to Rapid Recon, which makes it more convenient for the dealership staff to verify that the photos have been published on the dealership website’s vehicle detail page (VDP) 

As dealers understand that a vehicle with zero photos on the VDP will receive zero clicks and ultimately few leads, Dealer Image Pro’s integration with Rapid Recon helps dealers easily reference the stage of a used vehicle’s reconditioning process for the in-house photographer to streamline the photos and merchandizing of that vehicle. Additionally, if a dealership already has the Rapid Recon software plugin installed on a Google Chrome browser, the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) of the vehicles undergoing reconditioning can be identified from the Autoport® inventory dashboard to then locate the specific vehicle directly on Rapid Recon’s desktop website.  

"In this fast-paced world, swiftly uploading photos and videos to vehicles has become more critical than it's ever been,” said Bridget Townsend, Vice President of Product Development, Rapid Recon. “We're excited to be working with Dealer Image Pro in an effort to provide mutual customers the optics they need for improving this process.”  

“We continue to see dealers wait a couple days to get their inventory photos and videos loaded onto their website’s VDP, which is why this integration with Rapid Recon was a no-brainer for us,” said Louis Norman, Director of Operations, Dealer Image Pro. “We have made it easier for our mutual clients to hold everyone accountable from the trade walk to the frontline to make sure no car is left behind.” 

To book a demo and learn more about Dealer Image Pro’s Photo Assistant™ with Rapid Recon’s software integration, please visit

About Rapid Recon 

Rapid Recon reconditioning and communications workflow software help auto dealers achieve and maintain long-term success. Through dealers' application of the Rapid Recon Key Performance Indicator time to line (T2L®), Rapid Recon people, processes, and software steer continuous improvement efficiencies and performance gains throughout the auto dealership. 

About Dealer Image Pro

Dealer Image Pro™ is a photo, video, and 360º software company for auto dealerships based out of Sacramento, California. They focus on teaching auto dealers and groups better photo methods and provide the hardware and software to streamline their merchandising process. From professional-style photos, studio consultation, and refined lot processes, they combine technical mastery and real-time problem solving to deliver superior service. For more information visit 


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