Digital Dealer 9 in Las Vegas was the best Automotive Conference yet!

Digital Dealer 9 in Las Vegas was the best Automotive Conference yet! Thank you Mike, Cliff, Greg, Liz and the entire Dealer-Communications / Dealer Magazine Team. Thank you also for all the great meetings and people with whom Tracy, Robert Smith and I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing our experience. -- Glynn

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Comment by Samuel Anthony Maggio Jr. on October 15, 2010 at 4:36pm
New Automotive Advertising Agency Rescues Car Dealerships from Choppy Waters
Posted October 15th, 2010 by The ARC in Advertising United States
Buzz up!

The Automotive Relationship Consultants - The ARC throws dealerships a lifeline with automotive marketing that blends digital and traditional media to generate buzz
When the economy is slow and vehicle sales are sluggish, even the most robust advertising campaign may not deliver results... especially if it doesn’t use new media. That’s why The ARC was launched:
Automotive Relationship Consultants (ARC) is a forward thinking advertising agency that specializes in automotive marketing for vehicle dealerships. It uses the tools of the new millennium as well as traditional media to sell vehicles and build reputation.
Johnny Lonardo, VP Sales, for The ARC says, “No industry has done a better job selling product through traditional media than car dealerships. They mastered direct mail, print, radio, and TV decades ago.
“We’re here to help them expand their sales savvy into the digital realm with online advertising, viral marketing and social media.... areas not everyone is comfortable with or well versed in. We’ll customize a blend of automotive marketing strategies into one campaign that reaches car buyers, wherever they are, both online and offline.”
What makes The ARC different from other automotive advertising agencies is its power to give dealerships access to multiple marketing tracks and customer relationship management expertise all in one place, saving time, money and headaches. The ARC’s menu of automotive marketing strategies includes:
*Online sales events driven by classified ads, banner ads, dealer-specific micro-sites, and social media.
*Web landing pages that work with radio, TV, print and direct mail ads.
*Promotional web videos.
*Online vehicle auctions.
*Web lead capture and conversion strategies.
*Celebrity endorsements and on-site event attractions
*Direct mail and promotional sales events
*Campaigns targeting in market car buyers

We are a sister Co of Jerry Medin& Mikke Frazer of Chroma Cars

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