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What is our next step when you send an email requesting action from a prospect and it goes without a response? Prospects who are early in the process often require additional prompts. We suggest E4AR (Email for a Response).  This works best when we make action easy and end our emails with the most important request or direction.  Here is an example where we encourage someone to complete an online application for financing.  The first draft you will see probably will work, but there are ways to improve it to increase our chances of success. 

  • Amateur email draft: I wanted to send a quick email to see when you will have a few minutes to fill out the online credit application I sent you?

  • Professional revision: In case the original email was buried or deleted, here is a link to our online credit application.  Are you able to take a few minutes and complete it today? 

Short, simple, yet to the point. The first draft implies a question and uses a question mark, but it really is a statement.  Adding information and ending with a question that you really want answered is a great approach.  Many write emails the opposite way and bury their question. Either way, reminder emails are very helpful and will often stimulate the other party to take the next step. Adding a hyperlink with the URL (click to view video on hyperlinks) is another excellent way to increase your chances of email success. This quick and simple reminder will encourage action in our fast-paced society.

Remember, customers have choices. What is going to make you stand out? How is the customer going to see you truly care about their business? The customer will notice when you are persistent, but not too pushy. Showing you are appreciative of his or her time and building a relationship. When possible, make their life easy. Dropping a quick friendly hello may be okay if the customer has stated they will not be making a purchase for quite some time, but avoid multiple attempts lacking new information. 

Auto iLead has taken pride in building personal rapport to become more than just a salesperson to the people we work with on a day-to-day basis. Congratulations on reading this entire blog.  Your dedication to self-improvement will return huge rewards!

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