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Google Helps Salespeople Today

When you log into www.gmail.com today, you will be greeted with a new feature that has been long overdue. For years you have been hitting the link, show images.  Today, Google has opted you in to their new feature which allows images to be displayed in each email from any sender without approving it to happen.  How huge is this???…


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Email Strategy - Planting Seeds

The importance of ensuring a customer has all the information and resources they need when making a big decision is crucial to turning a stand-offish prospect into a smiling cornstomer (We are in Iowa, of course we use corn references. Keep reading to learn the meaning of cornstomer). Patience, tact and logic seeds are key. 

Occasionally, OK, OFTEN we hear from our prospects about sad news that is keeping them from moving forward…


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E4AR - Hyperlink with a question

Exceed The Expectations -portion of original blog on our website.

What is our next step when you send an email requesting action from a prospect and it goes without a response? Prospects who are early in the process often require additional…


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Produce Email Experts

At Auto iLead, the most important task we perform each day is helping people. To help people we must first understand them, their needs, and how to truly HELP. Our commitment to help drives us to enhance the relationship a customer has with a dealership prior to arranging their appointment to inspect or test drive a vehicle. Keep in mind that our leads originate as an email to our dealer clients. Email is often our only means of communication which means we have to be the best! In…


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GM Mystery Shopper Scorecard Questions and Comments

Here are the questions and real comments from GM showing how they graded our email and phone calls this past month during one of GM's mystery shops.  This is a real critque form titled "Sales Mystery Shop - Internet Inquiry" (once at the form, scroll to the bottom to see the left to right scroll bar) completed by GM on our performance for one of our lead management clients.  I apologize to DealerElite for sharing this link…


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Joe Webb and The Girls!!!

Anyone else catch the main page here on DealerElite today?  Joe Webb was playing Where's Waldo in the featured women's section on my main page.  Can you find Joe?

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Features, _________, Benefits. What's missing?

Neil Rackham, author of Spin Selling, blows traditional thinking about features and benefits out of the room when he introduces us to the term “advantages.”   Everyone has heard of the first two, but I love what happens to the sales process when the term advantage is infused  into the equation.  As with all points in Spin Selling, Neil clearly defines the word advantage and provides research to define its effectiveness in the sales process.



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Set or not to Set!

Set or not to Set!

Calling internet consumers and asking for a meeting which involves them driving to you verses your competition is tricky business. There is a time to ask just the right question. Almost as important is how you phrase the question.  Based on our experience at Auto iLead and in…


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Review of SaleMove's Co-Browse and Video Conferencing Tool

There is a new piece of technology that will truly turn your website into a virtual showroom.  Daniel Michaeli, CEO of SaleMove reached out and gave me a peek at the newest way to communicate and sell cars in a virtual environment.  I was impressed with Mr. Michaeli and his product.  His company has found a way to turn your dealership’s website into a virtual showroom.

How many of you have referred to your website as a virtual showroom?  This may be a good descriptive name for your…


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Karl Chevrolet Going Green

Green Solar Charging Station at Karl Chevrolet

Here is a recent blog post about the new structure at Karl Chevrolet.  Karl Chevrolet is always looking for new ways to be on the leading edge of innovation.  The addition of the Solar Charging Station is very interesting.  Usually,…


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Lead Bid Attempts to Switch Up 3rd Party Leads

Last week a call came in from Lead Bid, Inc. after being re-directed to me from one of my dealer clients.  The sales professional on the other end of the line attempted to sell their service for providing third party leads  The offer was similar to the famous travel website, www.priceline.com.  You name your own price for third party leads.  

On the call, we walked through their website to educate me on how easy it is to adjust the price per…


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