When you log into www.gmail.com today, you will be greeted with a new feature that has been long overdue. For years you have been hitting the link, show images.  Today, Google has opted you in to their new feature which allows images to be displayed in each email from any sender without approving it to happen.  How huge is this???  

In sales, email works best when you have the attention of your prospect.  Grabbing the readers attention using words only is often half of the battle.  If they could just see our witty picture, we know they would respond.  After thousands of emails, social media experiments, and general observation, pictures still work better than text for snagging the eye.  However, what happens if they don't read far enough to be drawn in and never select display the images?  WHO CARES?  We no longer have to worry! Thanks to Google, Droid, and every school in America, soon everyone will be on Gmail and everyone will see our pictures.   Except for the few select individuals who like more work and decide to adjust their settings back to the way it was before this new release.  Oops, this upgrade will most likely not convert those 10 people who still have AOL as their email host.

It is nice of Google to give you the option, but who is going to go back in click "Ask before displaying external images"?  In case you are interested, it is easy to change.  The setting is on the main screen of settings in your gmail.  

To everyone else, who has a renewed energy for email?  I can't wait to start dreaming up new images.  Here are a couple of my favorite unoriginals.  Of course, these would make more sense if you read the rest of our email template.  

What favorite images do you like to email your prospects to earn a response?

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