Fixed Ops Marketing Best Practices, Not Dirty Tricks | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 6

To round out our season, Reunion's own Chad Graves and Andrew Kocha join the KPI Cafe to discuss a wealth of topics regarding how dealerships can best market their fixed operations. They offer best-in-class tactics and strategies that will help you drive more qualified parts and service customers for ROs and revenue.

—— Topics Covered ——

1:47 Meet Chad and Andrew

3:07 What does a holistic marketing strategy look like for fixed operations?

6:58 What does it look like to "optimize" SEO for fixed ops?

9:43 Why Divide GMB Listings into Sales, Service, and Parts?

11:50 Breakdown of Landings Pages for Fixed Ops

13:14 Facebook Ads for Fixed Ops

14:50 Retargeting: What Does It Look Like for Fixed Ops?

15:40 How Does Market Demand and Supply Affect Fixed Ops Paid Search?

18:10 what is the Marketing Message for fixed ops?

21:50 What does conversion rate optimization look like on service pages?

25:55 Example of Innovating the Mobile Experience for Customers

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