Discover the Details to Effectively Run a Fixed Operations Department | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 5

Ed Roberts, who leads the fixed operations for Bozard Ford Lincoln, joins the KPI Cafe to cover a host of topics that can help any dealership increase the efficiency and profitability of their fixed operations, but also leverage it to create a better culture and opportunities for your sales staff.

—— Topics Covered ——

The Feel of a Fully Functional Fixed Ops Department (5:03)

The Composition of a Fixed Ops Team (7:11)

Hiring Fixed Ops Team Members: The Three Cs (10:27)

Strategies to Make Fixed Ops Folks Feel Part of the Whole Team (14:11)

How Fixed Ops Can Generate Sales Opportunities (17:57)

Beginning the Tour of Bozard Ford Lincoln (23:04)

On the Floor: Opinion of the Two-Man Team (25:43)

Examples of the Culture at Bozard Ford Lincoln and Team System Testimonials (26:30)

In the Technical Training Bay (31:35)

Culture Testimonial at Bozard Ford Lincoln (35:02)

On the Floor for Fixed Ops Training (35:33)

Concluding Thoughts (40:54)

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