Follow the Customer vs. Follow the Car: Two Methods for Automotive Prospecting [Infographic]

In the modern auto dealership market, trends are quickly changing. Data and technology applications provide brand new ways to reach current customers and attain new ones – as well as market to consumers most likely to make a purchase today. 

Advancements in the data-as-a-service industry has paved the way for new methods of customer acquisition which has separated into two paths: “Follow the Car” and “Follow the Customer.” While both methods use data mining and actionable insights to find new conquests, one focuses on vehicle interactions such as service center visits, ownership transferals, accidents, recalls, and the other focuses on consumer interactions such as marriages, job changes, relocations, and more. These triggers are a great way for dealers to continue to garner revenue from vehicles and consumers alike after the initial sale.

Below is an infographic mapping out the difference in Follow the Car vs. Follow the Customer automotive prospecting.

follow the car

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Comment by steven chessin on October 26, 2015 at 12:35am

More leads is a good thing. In this post 911 world with so much more data available on every person  - it makes perfect sense that we would have more marketing relevant data is available on cars too.  Very interesting. It also makes another job available at the dealerships too .... right ? To chase-down these prospects. How does this work ?    


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