Four Questions You Need To Ask Candidates During the Hiring Process For Your Car Dealership

Traditional hiring processes in the automotive industry are based on finding someone with past experience in the business. The types of questions you ask would normally have to do with past results and the candidate's reasons for leaving their last employer. In today’s Dealerships, especially for Salespeople, finding someone with previous experience is not always the best way to go. Here are four questions that I believe will provide insight into the potential someone has regardless of their past experience in the car sales industry.

1.  What are you passionate about in your life and career?

A person’s passion and motivation is what drives them to achieve in life.  Focus on what motivates a person and what passions are driving them rather than asking about their experience or their skills. Get to know a person’s heart and you can learn how best to help them reach the goals they have for success. If you meet a candidate who has no experience in auto sales but has shown the initiative and drive to succeed in other industries, than you could have just met your next top-selling auto salesperson who just needs some quality car sales training.

2.  Why do you view this company as a place where you can realize your career goals?

If they are truly interested in a career they would have done some basic research on your company to see how you fit in with their goals and plans for their life. If the candidate can discuss their goals and hopes for success at your company over the next 5 to 10 years, then you have someone who has not only done their research, but has confidence that YOUR dealership is the place to realize their dreams. 

3.  If I hire you, what immediate impact do you think it will have on our business?

Asking this question puts the person on the spot and challenges their view of themselves and their own potential. It is not a standard interview question so the candidate will not have a prepared response for it. Plus, you may get some interesting ideas from the candidate that you can actually put into effect once you have hired them! 

4.  If you were interviewing yourself for a position here at the Dealership, what question would you ask that I haven’t asked you?

This question can truly catch someone off guard but can give you a great chance to see who they really are and how they view their own gifts and abilities. It allows them to tell them something about you that they may have wanted to, but you had not asked them the right question. 

Here are DLA, we believe that anyone has the potential to become a great car salesperson regardless of previous experience with cars or selling them. With a strong training program like David Lewis and Associates, we can mold your newbie auto salespeople into top-selling individuals that will inspire everyone in the dealership. 

If you would like to learn more about our auto sales online training programs, in-dealership training programs and our training centers in NJ and PA, call Mary Mannella at 800.374.3314, extension 215. 


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