I have been in the automotive Management and consultant business for longer than I care to admit. Since I have had the pleasure of being a GM/GSM and consultant to dealers I feel that I have a pretty good idea of how to approach a dealer or GM/GSM if I was trying to sell them something. I have been back managing now for over 2 years and very successful as always. However I am amazed at the total lack of professionalism of vendors calling me daily trying to sell me something. My favorite telephone call is from a vendor who is some  person that connects to me on LinkedIn and then calls me the next day and starts off like this; Hey there good buddy this ole Billy Joe Jim Bob and I have a mailer that is rocking it on Planet Pluto, one dealer just sold  a zillion cars on 10,000.00 investment and I want to do the same for you. I picked you from all the other dealers in your market. Now are you in front of a computer? I have a brief 2 minute presentation to show you. OK now I try and be polite and I agree, then the phone gets that dead silence and then comes another voice on the phone( hi Ron I am Billy Joe Bob's other brother Billy Joe Bill and I will walk you through this fantastic offer. Now just type in www.letmewasteyourtime.com  Now  I have a question for all of you experts at selling to dealers, who in the heck taught you that this dog and pony show is an effective way to sell to anyone, much the less to a person that is busy? I guess some of you are making a lot money dialing for dollars in this manner, but it is no way to gain the trust of a dealer or GM I can promise you that. Do any of these vendors every bother to visit a dealers website and get the basic information of the GM or dealer such as their name and email address?? The reason I ask that question is that no vendor so far has ever had my email address, I have to repeat 20 times a day it seems to some person trying to sell me the greatest mailer ever made, of course every other mailer company or person in the country has the same mailer.

No I am not venting, I am honestly curious if this type of hawking a mailer or the newest digital email gathering program really works on other people? If it does then I am moving to Pluto because earth has gone crazy. LOL, ok I am kidding here a bit.

My message to vendors is this, if you really want to talk to dealers and have them listen to your presentation, try being prepared and professional it will get you a lot further in life in the course of a year or two. Oh well I guess for now I will just keep trying to be polite and listening to the ramblings of very desperate person trying to make that one sell so I can again listen to bells ringing in the background and people screaming and shouting because they just landed another sucker, while he is trying to sell me.

Yes I have actually heard that in the background more than once while listening to someone's pitch on the greatest mailer ever created.. LOL yes it's true 

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