Wanna know what the OEM Auditors are "hammering" dealerships for NOW during a Sales Incentives Audit?   Here are several quick clues:

  • Documentation
  • Disclosure
  • Doc Fees
  • Delivery Dates
  • Sell Prices (OEM employees/suppliers)

Their final results ..... HUGE chargebacks!  Some ranging from $200K - $1.2M.

So, do you have:

1) Experienced sales personnel/managers handling Incentives? 

2) Checklist for each Deal Jacket? 

3) Management review and approval of each sale (documents) and offerings before the sale is finalized?

4) A trained and responsible employee inputting RDR/CDR - delivery reporting?  

5) Regular in-house Incentives Compliance Reviews?


If not, you and your team could be at risk of huge chargebacks. 

For further information and/or questions, contact me at speterson@sherralynpeterson.com.    Visit my website at http://sherralynpeterson.com           

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Comment by Sherralyn Peterson on October 11, 2011 at 11:38am

Thanks Jim,

Yes, OEM training is what's lacking.  What where I'm trying to fill that void.

Comment by Jim Kristoff on October 11, 2011 at 6:35am

You are SOOO right Sherralyn!

You HAVE to know what you're doing with Sales Incentives/Rebates.

The OEM's should have training for the Dealers on this. Trying to understand the 10 pages of "rules" for each and every incentive is sometimes ridiculous!

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