What Customers are Thinking in YOUR Dealership

When a woman shops at your dealership, do you know what she is thinking? Do you know what is important to her? While that may seem impossible, reports and data show surprising consistency and practicality in their thought process. Consultants can benefit from understanding what really matters to this ever-growing segment of buyers and decision-makers.

Clearly, the frontline team is accountable for how things proceed: For every 1 woman that buys, 2 walk out of the average dealership. That’s a lot of responsibility, but here’s what we know:

As soon as she enters the showroom, she begins gathering information. She wants much more than the best deal. Her mind goes through her checklist: Is the sales consultant trustworthy? A good listener? Will I be treated fairly or feel pressured into another direction?

Know that your guest has already done her homework. She’s read dealer reviews, checked into your reputation, and already has an idea of the vehicle she wants and the price she wants to pay. She entered the showroom for confirmation of her expectations and will stay or leave. If she moves on, she won’t come back to your store.

Make a very good impression — listen and ask questions. Answer questions honestly. Understand her priorities and make the sales process fast, comfortable, and efficient. Let her know that you will be there well beyond the sale and that you want your dealership to be her one-stop destination. Make this transaction so pleasant she sends her friends to you as well. Encourage her to leave honest reviews so future women and family shoppers have a headstart on the buying process.

Consultants don’t need to be mindreaders to sell more cars to women. They simply need to use available data to understand what matters and how to turn that intelligence into action that creates an appealing and trustworthy environment for these consumers. 

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