Show me the app that made you $1,000 last week! Got one?

Then why are we spending so much time inside of your digital distractors?

What is the benefit of having your phone in your pocket while you’re with a customer? That’s right - there is none! When your notifications take you away from what’s important, you lose the presence and productivity you need for that moment to be successful.

I invite you to watch this week’s video, and consider this easy way to increase your productivity.

Ali Reda says: 

  • Keep your phone in a desk drawer. Don’t have it so easily available - it’ll inevitably make you llose focus on the person you’re physically in front of. The goal is to make them feel like they’re the only person in the room. How can we do that if we’re paying attention to the vibrations of our device?
  • Block out times of the day to check for messages. It’ll help you to stay focused, caring, in the moment, and PRESENT to the person or task in front of you.

Are you already worried about doing this? Who’s waiting on you? Ali Reda

  • Personal Text Messages & Phone Calls. If it’s your friends that you’re worried about… don’t! They know you’re busy, and it won’t be long before the next block of time you’ve carved out for them comes up.
  • Business Texts, Phone Calls, and Emails. You need to be fully present to the person in front of you. This is not only true for the customer you’re with, but also for the one who sent that message you just received. You’ll want to be able to answer them with a personal touch. Rushing through a message reply because you don’t have time for them is not the way you want to come off. It’s about presence - so make sure you’re able to be fully engaged in the conversation.
  • Social Media. This can wait. There is no real urgency to responding to a comment on your page. Get to it when you can, and don’t get lost down a rabbit h***. You do not have time for rabbit holes!

Don’t let your little machine cost you money. 

The business of your business is people, and that digital distractor is keeping you from having constant presence and focus for the person in front of you. Put that thing in a drawer, block out a few times of the day to check your notifications, and pay attention to the time you gain back because of it.

Try it for a few days, and tell us in the comments below how it’s working for you. Aren’t you noticing a difference already!?!

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