How to Destroy your personal brand overnight

“How to Destroy your personal brand overnight”




What is a Personal Brand?


Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see. It is the telling of your story. How it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes.


So, let’s think about this!  You have spent, months, if not years creating this brand, Molding and creating an expectation of how you want people to know you, and or remember you and/or your business.


This could envelope ANY industry out there.  You could be a car guy or gal. You could be a baker; you could be a software developer; a car sales person.  But no matter what industry, you have spent hours if not days or years!  Ensuring thoughts about that specific industry, ARE REMEMBERED!!!!


Almost like a “jingle” from a commercial. We can spout out quite a few national brands from the branding they have created. And that is what you have worked so hard to do yourself…. Right???


So, with all that hard work comes the deliverable! When a client sees your brand and even relates with you. They may, seek out your services. What happens there is what really matters!


DO YOU? Deliver the brand that you have been promoting?   Is your brand saying how easy it is to do business with you? Is your brand promoting no hassles or no judgement to access your services? This is where the conversation becomes “Real” to a prospective consumer.


If you have spent all that time promoting to the world who “YOU” are and “HOW” your business helps people. Is that what you deliver? Or was it just lip service?


Understand: We are humans, and humans make mistakes and have good and bad days!


But the reality is! When a prospective client chooses to try you out or use you for your service or product purchase and you do not deliver on every aspect of the brand you have promoted you become a fraud. “QUICKLY”


In an internet and social media driven world, you can go from being the expert or trusted advisor to just another fast talker, trying to make a buck! A Fraud.


Your brand can be tarnished beyond repair with just one interaction that was not positive.  Can you please every single person? NO, and that is ok! But it’s how you present yourself to your client with your “brand” at top of mind.


If a client is not a good fit, or they cannot purchase your product right now, are you extending options on how they can achieve the goals they want to obtain? Keeping true to your brand?


Not one person likes to be told they cannot (buy something or gain your service). Most people will take a poor delivery of the word “NO” and go destroy their credit or waste money to prove someone wrong, even if it costs more money! All because you did not communicate to them the truth and a roadmap of how to achieve it.


The key to Branding is being true to what you are saying, staying relevant and consistent with your marketing and truly delivering what your messaging is saying.


If you promote a no hassle purchase or service. Deliver that!


If you promote the best software in the world. Deliver that!


If you promote Quality care. Deliver that!


Anything less is a lie and the end to your brand and your countless hours building it.


And most importantly, tell your audience what you are doing and what is coming! Keep them wanting to know more! Keep them engaged with your brand. (WIIFM) (What’s in it for me).  It’s ok to take time to go to market, it’s ok to not be the first idea out there. But if your audience doesn’t know. And you don’t tell them. They will defect to the next person or company doing a better job with their brand!

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