What is AI? Do you even know? Or are you just following the hype?

What is AI?   


Do we as auto dealers even know what that means? Or do we just want it because it’s the new HYPE!

When I think of the words AI, I think of (Jarvis) “That computer voice that I can talk to that knows the outcome of what I want to do even before I do”!  You know the computer that has already determined the outcome. That is what I think of when I hear the words AI.  

AI can help the average person complete a task without having to manually be there for it to happen.

So, what does that mean for the Automotive industry?


Why is AI such a HUGE topic?


The reason it’s such a huge topic is because we have started to realize our staff can’t possibly follow-up with the number of customers they talk too.

Think about it…… The average auto salesperson speaks to 5 people a day.

Of those 5 people maybe only 2 were interested in a vehicle purchase.

The other 3 may be semi-interested but we still expect the salesperson or BDC agent to log that customer in a CRM. 

But what happens when they DO log them in a CRM?  It takes that customer and drives them into a workflow.  That workflow could have a minimum of 15 steps of follow-up or even more.


So basic math 5 customers a day, with the average salesperson working 24 days a month. seeing 120 customers (Times) an average of 15 workflow tasks per customer is 1800 TASKS!!! That’s just 5 customers a day!!!!


The average customer reach out is 4 minutes. That can be a Text, A phone call, An email, A Video.

SO!  1800 tasks, times the average of 4 minutes to really complete a task is 7200 minutes of busy work. Being we are working 11,520 minutes in 24 days That leaves us 4300 minutes to find new customers, take a lunch, take a client on a test drive, negotiate a sale, present, and sell accessories, Blow a client away for a good survey…… how many other things? less than 8 hours left in a month…..


So, with 8 hours of so-called free time a month…… what happens if we have to deliver a car? Or drive for additional missed signatures? What happens if we get sick?  What happens if we see more than 5 customers per day?


Are you starting to see the whole picture?


We ask so much of a car salesperson, the reality is too much!




True AI can complete those tasks or “busy” work for you. So, you don’t have to spend almost 23 days of your month following up with the enormous number of tasks to really engage and nurture that client into a potential appointment.  


The fact is without AI, we are just doing the bare minimum or only communicating with clients who “WE” think could be the next “quick” sale.


So, with all that being said, find an AI solution that will accomplish working for you! Working on those tasks to nurture those clients from inception or Human “doubt” to a potential sale. Not what “we” think may be a potential client.


Find an AI solution that not only helps your clients decide what they want before they know it but tracks and records the motions inside of your CRM.


The hype of AI right now is real! BUT is it just smoke to sell you the next CRM? Is it someone selling you the "Hype"? Or something that is measurable? Something that is proven to really "Jarvis" your customers.... I'll you ask that question! And let you decide for yourself.

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