How to Update Your Service Department Area and Why It Matters

Promoting an exciting and informative environment for your Service Customers is a must for modern customers. Today’s service customers have high expectations when they come to your dealership.  Besides the quality of care they anticipate and demand, the service area itself must be clean, up-to-date and inviting from the moment customers pull in to your service drive. 

Are there clear and visible directions to get to your Service or Parts Department when the customer first approaches your dealership?  If not, there should be. Coming to have their vehicle serviced is stressful enough without making it harder for Customers to figure out where to start.  The easier you make it for them, the more they will appreciate the effort.  This should include easy access from the Service Line to your Customer Lounge after they meet with an advisor.

Your customer waiting area should be inviting and accommodating with comfortable individual seating and current magazines from a variety of subjects that are not just car-related.  Seating must be female friendly and void of couches so Customers don’t have to feel uncomfortable sitting next to someone they don’t know.  Restrooms must be clean and easy to find with access to a changing table for Customers with children. 

Fresh coffee, tea and other refreshments should be available in an area that is kept clean, neat and well stocked with condiments, cups and napkins at all times.  Cable TV and free WiFi for your Customers is a necessity today and available Customer workstations with internet access are advisable whenever possible.  A separate children’s area with games and kid-friendly channels is recommended to accommodate Customers with small children.

Product Promotion Displays can be extremely beneficial and profitable if they are well placed and attractive.  Items like tires and wheels, technology upgrades and special services can be very profitable if done well and placed in the right area of your Customer waiting area.

Just imagine if you are a customer waiting in your service area - how would you feel? Would you feel welcomed and secure in trusting your vehicle with the service department, or do you feel anxious and concerned that your vehicle is not getting the attention it needs? The environment of your service center is a key component when the customer decides to purchase additional services from you, and it is not to be taken lightly. 

To learn additional tips to put your service customers at ease, consider joining one of our training seminars or online classes. Contact Mary Mannella today at 800.374.3314, extension 215 to learn more. 


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