Industry Survey Shows Continued Disparity In Dealers’ Importance of Quality Online Photos Compared With Consumers’ Importance Of Visual Buying Needs

Dealer Image Pro Evaluates State of Dealership Photo Merchandising In 2023 

SACRAMENTO, CA (March 9, 2023) – Dealer Image Pro, a leader in proprietary in-house photo, video, 360° and window-sticker software for automotive dealerships, today announced results from a survey it commissioned at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Show in January to better understand how dealership personnel view today’s importance of online photos during the consumer research and shopping process. 


Roughly 80% of dealers realize the importance of online photos today. However, of more than 3,000 automotive dealer professionals surveyed, just over 20% said they don’t feel photos are a critical part of the consumer’s shopping and consideration when researching or purchasing a vehicle.  


In a separate consumer-facing survey commissioned at the same time, approximately 90% of the 3,000 male and female consumers in the U.S said photos were important to view online when considering shopping for a particular vehicle. 

Additionally, when dealer professionals were asked if the quality of their vehicle inventory photos helped increase the profit margins on the sale of the vehicle, over 40% said either no or they weren’t sure. Nonetheless, 97% of the consumers said the quality of the vehicle inventory photos did help influence negotiating the price point of a specific vehicle.


“This contrast in dealership and consumer opinion toward photos influencing the car-buying experience is definitely eye-opening and should serve as a wake-up call to dealerships and auto groups to immediately re-evaluate how they see the value of vehicle merchandising capabilities,” said Louis Norman, Director of Operations, of Dealer Image Pro. “The majority of dealers see the right value and get it, but the fact that nearly one in five dealers still have this mindset in 2023 is a head-scratcher, especially in a time when sales are down. We need to put our best foot forward in front of each customer.”  


For more information on how quality car photos can improve both the merchandising and car-buying experiences, please visit


About Dealer Image Pro


Dealer Image Pro offers a proprietary in-house photo, video, 360°, and window sticker iOS-based software solution for automotive dealership inventory.  Based out of Sacramento, California, Dealer Image Pro focuses on teaching auto dealers and auto groups better photo methods and provide the hardware and software to streamline their merchandising process. They specialize in uniformity for omni-channel websites. Dealer Image Pro combines technical mastery and real-time problem solving to deliver superior service. For more information visit

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