One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned about life is that it isn’t easy. It seems after hearing thousands of sales pitches over the years someone always presents a new fantastic way to make something quick and easy. I’ve always been open to new ideas and products that improve quality of life. Computers and cell phones are an excellent example of products that continued to improve and make our lives easier. Other pitches I’ve heard could be extremely rewarding financially if I enter the gray area of compromise to what I believe is morally right. Although it is easy to be tempted to enter into such agreements, I have always found it best to walk away from any potential fortune described as quick or easy.

Instead, I’ve taken the path that requires effort, determination, and risk with the hope of future reward that never has a guarantee. Another part of this life lesson is that it isn’t easy to age. I find more aches and pains as the years go by along with an occasional health challenge. Overall, I’ve given up on any expectation about anything in life is easy. In fact, I find it rewarding and healthier to seek out difficult and challenging. There is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when overcoming the challenges of life.

So, I challenge you to be brave and discard anything quick and easy, to seek out ways and challenge your future finding ways to improve your quality of life through effort and determination. Is your dealership seeking quick and easy or an action plan to develop fixed operations for slowing new car sales in 2019? Maybe we should chat.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.
Margin Plus
Cell: (419) 282-1351


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