We’re back with another video in our series, Quality of Life!

Bringing you up to speed, we’ve been hearing all about the ever-evolving process of the relationship business. And this week, we’re going to tell you something you may not have heard yet... 

We CANNOT rely on repeats and referrals. 

We want you to have a community first, and the referrals and repeats will follow. We want to help you create a business where you only take care of people who already like you, trust you, and believe in you! 

It is possible, but not the way that the industry has taught us. We have to shift the mindset to community. We have to make sure that every person we meet - in or out of the dealership - knows how wonderful we truly are. 

Carrying that electric energy with you - you’ll create a world of people who just want to be around you. I invite you to watch this week’s video, and then walk into your next interaction ready to show the truest you.

Community is all around us. It starts in your own backyard and its reach is long. Communicate with the world just by being in it. It’s really that easy. Start with the places you already frequent, and branch out from there. Listed below are some great places to grow your tree.

  • Community Centers

Volunteer, play basketball, be a tutor, or a big brother or sister. Just be a part of it all!

  • Local Sporting Events

Help out with fundraising, pass out sports drinks, donate to uniforms and gear. Cheer them on!

  • Charity Events

Haven’t found your charity yet? Your dealer has. Pick any of the many charities that your dealer is part of, and just show up! It means so much to people when you care for their cause.

  • Life Events (Weddings, Baby Showers, Funerals, Graduations, etc.)

Showing up to these life events is a tribute to these people, to their meaning, their accomplishments, to their happiness, and their grief. Showing up for them here is where it really counts.

  • Inside of Your Very Own Dealership

You have a community of connection at your fingertips!

Oh, right! And don’t forget about all the other places you go - your dry cleaners, gas station, your kid’s school/s, their plays, your religious community, or even where you pick up your coffee in the morning. Everywhere that you already go, be there. Make sure you're involved in OUR community too. Follow me so you don’t miss a thing!

Anything that you have a connection to, be involved! There are no limits. Become a member of anything that excites you! What are you doing to connect in your community? Tell us in the comments below!

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