Here we are again with the video series, Quality of Life.

We’ve been learning all about becoming more aware of the natural abilities and gifts that you have, and using them to build a business that works for you. Ali began to explain the importance of having a coach in last week’s broadcast - telling us that this is what really began to make him more aware of... well, everything. 

The truth is, Ali is a great coach to me too. That’s one of the benefits of our collaboration: We are always learning from each other!

Our hope is that you find the ‘Damian’ to your ‘Ali’, the ‘Ali’ to your ‘Damian’. We want you to find someone who fits your personality and values. Get a teammate who encourages your forward movement, nurtures your spirit, and helps you find a way to make your business really work for you. We want you to find someone who becomes not just a coach, but an incredible friend. 

Having someone to check in on your progress in life - business and personal - can create awareness in your growth and productivity in life-changing ways. I invite you to watch this week’s video, and ask yourself “Who is my coach?”

Proper coaching and proper guidance are a huge part of living a successful life. It’s not about having someone who will push you. You’re just looking for a creator of curiosity in yourself so that you can more clearly see your own picture. 

Getting your own picture is as important now as it is with every sales transaction. 

  • The first step of your process should attempt to assess, qualify, and get an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. 
  • Get the picture to discover the “PP”. 

Tell us in the comments below, “What are your problems and possibilities?“

  • Ask questions to find your own wants and needs. 

Great salespeople ask more questions to get the best possible picture. This is the way to easily move away from problems, and toward possibilities.

Find someone who fits your values, a mentor you can bounce ideas off of, a coach who is so excited to help you get to your next level! You may already know the right person for the job. Or they may be just a click away! Learn more about having myself and Ali Reda coaching you in the 100 Cars Club, and let’s get you to that next level you’ve been striving for!

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