Here we are again with the video series, Quality of Life.

Let’s start this week by taking a look at that Five Pillars worksheet we finished. You remember where you put it, don’t you? Okay great! Go ahead and tape that up in your office - somewhere you will definitely see it every day. Choose a word for the week to practice. Be aware of how laser-focused you are and pay attention to where you can improve. Think about yesterday… can you see parts of your day where you might not have fully exercised this value?

Ali’s Five Pillars (seen below) consist of characteristics, qualities, and values that took years of cultivation, exercise, and intentional daily practice. We all have work to do in ourselves, our interactions, and our own processes. There is great gift in being open to your evolution!

The Five Pillars of High Achievement

Ali’s Clarity

  • I Am Excited
  • I Am Clear-Minded
  • I Am Laser-Focused
  • I Am Loved
  • I Am Happy
  • I Am Playful

Ali’s Intentionality

  • I Am Urgency-Filled
  • I Am Customer-Driven
  • I Am Fun
  • I Am Busy

Ali’s Energy

  • I Am Magical
  • I Am Unstoppable
  • I Am Excited
  • I Am True

Ali’s Consistency

  • I Am Laser-Focused
  • I Am Organized
  • I Am Determined
  • I Am Accountable

Ali’s Relationships

  • I Am Present
  • I Am Friendly
  • I Am Giving
  • I Am Charismatic
  • I Am Helpful

We’ve been learning all about the fifth pillar of high achievement - RELATIONSHIPS. Last week we learned that when you feed your relationships, they will grow! When you give yourself fully to the betterment and care of those in your community, those relationships will absolutely give back!

So, how do find these people to give to? Well, they’re simply EVERYWHERE!

I invite you to watch this week’s video to hear from Ali. He says, “Just show up!”

To show up, you have to plan. To go into these events and truly shine, you have to walk in prepared. You don’t have to stay for long. Just get your face, your personality, and your love for humankind out there. Think positive. Show up. Give back.

How do you find these events?

  • Ask your dealer for suggestions.
  • Go to your community center and find out what’s going on.
  • Look at your kids’ school calendar.
  • Read through that church bulletin.
  • Talk to people everywhere you go. You’re looking for ways to show up for others. I assure you - opportunities will show up for you!

Choose events that you’re interested in. What resonates with you? What will you be excited to be part of or learn more about?

The more you show up, the better it’ll treat you. Get your calendar out and plan to go to two events in your community next week. Go from 7pm - 8:30. Don’t let your couch at home talk you out of it. Put yourself out there! It’ll be fun! Just meet people, and ask them about themselves - it’s probably their favorite subject!

We want to help you build the life of your dreams! You see, this is YOUR business. It’s your career, your name, and your people. Be proud of what you do! We want to get you to your next level, and this week we’re opening up a very special offer JUST FOR YOU. Want to work exclusively with me and Ali Reda? Click here to join us in the trial to see what we’re all about - 14 days for only $1!

We want to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us what events you’re going to first!?!

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