In our video series Quality of Life, we’ve gotten to see so much about the high-level sales process of Ali Reda. We want you to be comfortable and successful in this business, and to do that you’ve got to know that your time is so valuable! Every minute of YOUR DAY matters. Every interaction can be made to count.

Pay attention to your time management. Write down your day.

  • Where are you losing time?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • What do you handle most efficiently?

Really write down EVERYTHING.

How long does it take you to go to stop what you’re doing, leave your desk, walk to the water cooler, get what you need, say what you must, go back to your desk, and start working again?

How many times do you do that a day? Might be time to bring a water bottle, huh?

Take a closer look into what happens in the 100 Cars Club. In our monthly Q&A webcasts, members join us to ask anything and everything. I invite you to watch this week’s video to see more from Ali and Mike.

To find productivity, you have to do the work to make the most of your time. Write down the process for all that you do, and you will find gaps.

Plan ahead, and be specific in what you give yourself to. Go to the events that you believe in, want to know more about, and would be happy to help with. There are so many things going on in your community. Get your planner. It’s not just about keeping yourself productive inside of the dealership, it’s about the whole entire day. Pencil in what means the most to you. Make sure it motivates you.

For the next few days, keep a log of your day in 15-minute intervals (not a plan for the day, a log OF the day, after the fact). This is all about awareness. I'm not here to make you a more organized person, but you might benefit from keeping a Yeti at your desk instead of taking those twelve trips to the water cooler every day. It's the little things.

Let’s see if you can find something to improve. What is keeping you from being your most productive self? Shift your mindset into increasing the productivity of every moment. Click here for the calendar. Just print it out, and get to work!

Tell us in the comments below what you find.

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