SALES. The people business. Doesn’t matter what we did, the past is over. How do we keep it strong for everyone? Simple test. Is everyone in your sales organization, working the store’s process, from start to finish? Yes, this includes all managers, as well. Think about it, if everyone participates, then all can see how effective the process is for the staff, as well as, the customer. If the process is easy and informative for the customer, fun for the staff, then we should have no worries. If, we have a few hick-ups in the system, then, how do we adjust or change them? Who changes them and why? Remember, to keep it strong, means effective. The best practices get several people involved, especially the front line sales consultants. Sit in, meetings, sharing the true understanding of the stores process, helps everyone involved. Write down the concerns that the process, may be creating. ARE YOU READY? If the sales process is not great for the customer, it doesn’t work. The process has to be easy, smooth and effortless for the CUSTOMER. The sales process has to be one that becomes second nature for the sales consultants and the managers. A VERY INFORMATIVE PROCESS. We make sure in our store, that every customer gets a very involved walk around, with a lot of customer participation. Our demo rides, are 15 miles long. The route is both highway and back roads. On the demo rides, our sales consultants ask plenty of closing questions. We also, have all information, on the trade or trades, before the demo ride. Our management staff has met with the customer or customers. We have an understanding on past purchases, before demo rides. When the customer and the sales consultant, get back, we are totally prepared. The manager has the vehicle written up, with 4 to 5 options, for our customers. We express, this will be so easy, before presentation. We present, smile and answer all questions. We close and close and close. We do it with ease. But, we know, customers have little time. We try to close on the numbers, in 4 minutes or less. We also know, the deal is done, between, walk around on the trade, walk around on new vehicle, or demo ride.  We keep it strong and effective. My professional opinion, everyone has to be on the same page, at all times. We need every deal, we also need, to be very effective for the customer. Computers give people info, Strong effective people, bring that info to LIFE.  CLOSE BABY CLOSE.

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Comment by Marsh Buice on May 24, 2011 at 6:58pm
Tony, it is a total team effort. In football, every play is designed to be a touchdown, but it takes a collective effort of all  involved on that play to make it work. The same is true for a dealership everyone-including the customer must be involved to make it work. Thanks for the post; I enjoyed reading it.

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