Let's Get back to using the Phone as a Weapon!

I am in favor of all new technology, I think email is a great way to communicate, texting is super, facebook is awesome but for most dealerships today the Phone is still the # 1 way to sell cars today. I am seeing more and more salespeople or internet managers allowing themselves to fall into the trap of too much electronic communication and not enough phone calling.

I was so happy when i got my first sales job at a Toyota dealership in Louisiana. The sales floor was closed to any new salespeople but the  General Manager told me i could set appointments and sell cars by using the phone I just could not take any ups.

 I was so excited for the opportunity i went to the controller and asked for the files of the salespeople who no longer worked there (we call them orphan owners today). I also asked for all the old logs and started calling these customers and this is how i learned my phone skills. I was also allowed to use the yellow pages to cold call businesses prospecting them to build some company accounts.

I said all of that to say this, I built my entire career working the phone, prospecting, setting appointments, building rapport and relationships that last. I still have not seen the dealer that calls too much! Managers get your salespeople on the phones calling your old data base, call your service customers, call today's and yesterday's  unsold prospects, call all your unsold Internet leads, call your sold customers for refferals, call businesses, call your wholesale parts customers, but if you can get my point when in doubt PICK UP THE PHONE.



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