Over the last five years i have visited or consulted in over 200 dealerships and everyone wants to be #1.

 If your Dealership is not growing market share, Customer Satisfaction is not improving, Gross Profits are not holding up and your not turning your inventory, you might have a Management problem.


The #1 reason Dealerships are under performing is the lack of leadership, I constantly find that Managers are not Managing, they are not training the staff or building an elite team of salespeople. Did your managers have a Morning meeting? Did they review all opportunities yesterday or meet every customer.

 Did your Managers call yesterday's opportunities with the staff? Did your Managers listen to your inbound phone calls and teach your team how to do the basics, Did your Managers make sure they are building your marketing data base by getting all opportunities into the marketing CRM? Did we collect two phone numbers with an email address and find out what leadsource brought them in? Did we review the website today, look at our reviews or Google Alerts?


Do we have schedule product walk-arounds that are recorded and posted on Social sites? Did we walk the used cars today? Did we walk the service drive and introduce ourselves and do any free appraisals. Did we print out our 3 to 4 year old customers and write a phone script to drive some traffic today? How many calls did your sales team make today?

If you really want YOUR DEALERSHIP to be #1 get to work, make things happen, build your people, improve your processes and make your customers happy. Talk to everyone and see what happens!!

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Comment by Craig Darling on February 13, 2011 at 11:45am
I might ad that Managers from all departments need to write a blog once a month, linking it to their web sites and their social pages.  But you are right about the hard work.  Having been number one in the country I understand this: It is harder to stay on top than to get there.
Comment by Fran Taylor on February 11, 2011 at 3:29pm
 This is really good. Congrats my friend.

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