(8/24/22) Morning Minute:

The phone screeched with a piercing, unavoidable ring!

This was not part of today’s plan. I had 2 appointments scheduled for this morning and did not need this interruption.

As I answered the call, Bob introduced himself. One of my clients referred him to me. His son had turned 16 and he wanted a used car. Bob was out of town, returning on that weekend. He wanted to send in his son to drive some vehicles. We set up a time for his son to see me after school that day. During the visit his son selected a vehicle that was within the stated budget. Bob was to call me tomorrow so we go work out the details.

On the following day, Bob called asking for the details. I described the car in glowing terms, one owner trade-in, new tires, low mileage, and ice-cold air conditioning. There was a short pause. Bob shared that he would not consider doing business with me. His son told him that the vehicle had no AC…I had forgotten that as I was describing the car to his Dad. I apologized for my mistake, however, Bob stated that since I had misrepresented the car our discussion was over…and he hung up.   

I was very down on myself for such an unnecessary and stupid mistake. After sharing this incident with my “Boss,” I waited for what surely would be negative consequences. He said that it was a dumb and avoidable mistake. He shared with me that it took integrity to admit my error. He admonished me to learn from this and never repeat it. Sage advice from a good leader…that I took to heart. This was in March, 1981.

We all make mistakes. Even unnecessary and stupid ones. If we want to live with integrity your admit the mistake, own it, and learn from it. You have a choice. Deny the mistake, hide from it, hoping it will go away. Or, realize that, as humans, we will screw up many times. Some of life’s best lessons are learned from our mistakes.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute from Larry Bonorato, author of WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME available on Amazon.

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