My Largest Lesson

One of the greatest privileges in life is doing something you love. Coaching dealerships fixed operations for improvement is truly something I love however, today I’d like to share my largest lesson with you.

Understand that everyone has parts of what they do that they don’t enjoy. For me the task I don’t enjoy is marketing and sales. I’m sure all of us of been annoyed by random phone contacts from companies wanting to do business with us. I tried that in the beginning of my company, over 14 years ago. I had to force myself to make these calls and honestly hated every minute of it. I mailed letters out to dealer principals every day because that was less intrusive and more acceptable for me to do that task. I have mailed out coffee cups, flashlights, and even bottles of hot sauce to catch the attention of dealers.

I have written articles that have been published in many magazines, which are distributed to car dealerships throughout the United States. Sharing content, illustrating my point of view and opinion and is something I love to do and has been successful marketing. Some of all of that works however, that isn’t my greatest lesson.

My greatest lesson is to understand that if the total focus is on your customer and their success it ensures yours. They happily share their success with other dealerships in their family and friends networks or 20 groups. They are so appreciative of what you’ve accomplished in their dealerships, and they love the opportunity to talk about their positive experience with anyone who will listen.

Today’s dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars every month in advertising, yet need to understand this same truth to retain customers and develop future growth. Dealerships need to focus in on their customers experience and make that so exceptional they want to tell their neighbors and friends about it. The processes have to be so standardized and the employee so well-trained, exceptional customer care is every time on every vehicle. Your dealership success isn’t dependent on advertising or mailers. It’s dependent upon what you do for your customers that separates you from other dealerships.

Rob Gehring, President
Fixed Performance Inc.

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