Ali Reda, ladies and gentlemen!

In the video series, Quality of Life, we’ve been learning more from Ali about exactly how he broke the record for ‘Most Cars Sold in a Month.’ December of 2018 started with a new mindset - one with serious clarity, urgency, and laser-focus! He and his team treated every single day like it was the last day of the month, and it served them well. 

Ali assures us often that his team has been so important to his success. It really matters who you surround yourself with. We’ve touched on this subject a little in the last few weeks. You want your friends to bring out the best in you, and you want your coach to fit your values. Now, let’s talk about how beneficial it can be to have your very own dream team by your side!

Ali’s team is not just amazing at what they do, they all carry the same values into each day. Their intent is always evident - to make the person in front of them know that they are number one. They take care of each other and their customers, and they have a great time doing just that! 

Their process took some time to perfect, and is ever-evolving as they grow. But because they are all taking care of people and working hard “Ali-style,” the magic is always there. When he came into December 2018 with a NO TOMORROW MINDSET, they all adopted it immediately. 
“There’s no tomorrow, we’re doing it today.” Ali Reda
I invite you to watch this week’s video to hear more from Ali on the subject.

As he mentioned in the video, Ali doesn’t even want to see the numbers. It’s not about the numbers. The goal is just to keep helping as many people as possible. Not only does Merna keep him from having to see the numbers throughout the month, she also helped to create an environment that the whole dealership caught. Even the owner was treating every day like December 31st.

Keep watching with us. Using the five pillars of high achievement, we’re going to look further into Ali’s NO TOMORROW MINDSET. Starting next week, Quality of Life is going to dive in, open it all up, and take a deeper look inside the achievements of Ali and his team. 

The Five Pillars of High Achievement are an integral part of our learning process at Auto Training Academy. To get to your next level, it is crucial that you know where you are. 
  • Clarity Who are you at your best?
  • Intentionality Where are you going, and why?
  • Energy Am I operating at a high level? Feeling focused?
  • Consistency What characteristics and values will I need to practice so that I keep my business on track every day?
  • Relationships What qualities should I walk into every situation with to grow my relationship tree?
Want to keep learning? Jump into the Auto Success Blueprint. In this FREE training program you’ll learn how to go beyond the basics of dealer training and get to YOUR next level of success quickly.

Tell us in the comments below, do you have an assistant yet? Is your business growing into a place where you’re thinking more about getting one? Have any concerns, or questions of where you could save some time in your process? We want to help. Just ask.

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