Thank you for joining us in the video series, Quality of Life. We’ve been talking about Ali Reda’s record breaking month of December 2018. You remember, right? The one where he sold 202 cars, and then told us he could’ve done more! 

Obviously, we have to look further into that for you. And really, we’re happy to do it!

Using the five pillars of high achievement, we’re going to go deeper into the mind of Ali. We’re going to find out how he was feeling, what he was doing differently, and bring awareness to his process in these successful moments. 

As always, we’ll start with some clarity. I invite you to watch this week’s video, and you may want to take some notes. 

So Ali, on a month when you sell over 200 cars - Who are you at your best?

  • I am Excited!
  • I am Clear Minded!
  • I am Laser-focused!
  • I am Loved!
  • I am Happy!
  • I am Playful!
Ali tells us he knew exactly why he was going to work, and what he needed to do when he was there. There was no time for any distractions. They were just having fun. They were taking care of as many people as they could and keeping a positive mindset through it all.

Want this kind of clarity for yourself and your own business? Just click here, and do the work! We want you to succeed! To begin that journey, it starts with you. 

In the comments below, tell us… Do you know just how amazing you are?

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