Not all conventions and Workshops are the same.

A while back JD Rudker said that a lot of workshops and conventions are the same. Our workshop does not fall under this category. 

We have three sales people making $20,000+ a month as some of our featured speakers. They will share with you different techniques and ideas that have helped them become the best in the business. 

We have a manager speaking that is famous for taking small town dealerships from 25 new and used a month to 146. This gentleman will share ideas on how to promote your sales people instead of spending tons of money on advertising. This guys is the real deal, and not somebody trying to sell you something on stage. 

Other speakers that are professional and work with dealers on a regular basis will be sharing their best business practices. 

There will be plenty of break-out sessions so you can talk with the speakers, along with panel discussions during the day. 

This is called a workshop because we are going to work, and help the people have a plan so that they can start immediately when going back to their dealerships. 

We think this is unique because sales people and managers are part of the event. What is your opinion or thoughts on this type of convention or workshop? For more information on the workshop and upcoming dates and locations visit:   Thank You. 

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