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Not all conventions and Workshops are the same.

A while back JD Rudker said that a lot of workshops and conventions are the same. Our workshop does not fall under this category. 

We have three sales people making $20,000+ a month as some of our featured speakers. They will share with you different techniques and ideas that have helped them become the best in the business. 

We have a manager speaking that is famous for taking small town dealerships from 25 new and used a month to 146. This gentleman will share ideas on how to…


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What happened to rolling the red carpet out for customers at dealerships ?

Years ago the managers met all the customers when entering the dealership . Everyone was offered something to drink . In many dealerships the kids got a coloring book or a balloon with a happy face on it . The new kind of training teaches us to hurry up and that customers don't want to waste time . Forget the long demo's and building value with that idea . A service walk is hardly done any more except in the better dealerships where it is required . We had product training every week to keep us… Continue

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What does it take to have a good morning meeting ?

To many times the same person talks 90 % of the time . Sales reps say the meetings are to long , little training or good info , more of a bitch session , and they are negative . 

Meetings should be short and sweet . Twenty to thirty minutes most of the time . Have a planned training for the whole month that has others doing some of the training . The person doing the training should ask questions and answer questions .

 Make fun a planned part of the training . Single out the…


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Why prospecting doesn't work in most dealerships and how to fix it .

The majority of managers today did little prospecting as a sales rep . Therefore is is tough to teach what you haven't mastered . ALL the successful sales reps today are heavy into prospecting and follow up.       I asked a dealer ,  what would you do if you had a sales rep refuse to do a demo and wait on you to do advertising to get them customers ? He said fire him . I asked why . He said because he isn't doing his job the way we want . Exactly was my answer.

 When the dealer or…


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Where have all the good managers gone?

A lot of dealerships think they are saving money by taking a good sales rep and making him/her a manager and not training them . The pay plans have shrunk for managers over the past year as well . The idea of paying people less and expecting more is a bad choice ranging from managers to internet people . 

 A planed sales training meeting  should be done every day . Very few meetings have the hooting , clapping and hollering any more compared to years ago…


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Training Your Way To Dealership Success

You might have the best tools in the business, be selling the most sought-after vehicle in the industry, and have the location all other dealerships would kill to have. Without one vital piece of the puzzle, though, you’ll never rise above mediocre. What’s that key piece? Training. If you don’t have a method by which your staff can…


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A good manager is worth there weight in GOLD.

 I never realized how good my manager was until years after I left the dealership. We had short 20 minute sales meetings every day. We actually did training. We did a lot of hooting, hollering clapping and some laughs . Always positive with some cash in hand to the performers.

Not every day was peaches and cream. When I did something wrong it was brought to my attention. Many times as a rookie I wasn't allowed to take another customer that day because of the same mistakes. I quickly…


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There is no such thing as customers for life. It's just hype to make us feel good.

  I have never met anyone 30 years or older that has bought every car and went back for service 100% of the time to the same dealership. Once we face the this fact we can  figure out ways to get them back the majority of the time. Do the sales reps do a service walk every time? Do the sales reps call customers on there birthday. Does everyone really roll out the red carpet like the old days? This is a start.

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Awards for some outstanding people here on DealerElite

Jim Zeigler has really brought to light for us with TrueCar deal . Bobby Compton has to be one of the kindness people in the world. There are little women on here but they have some powerful info from time to time. I think they should be noticed as well. There are some really cool people on here and I think should be noticed in some way for there effort.  What do you think? Happy New Year.

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Change your thinking to get quality sales reps. Have them come to you.

The people being interviewed are interviewing you too. So what do you have to offer that is better than the dealer down the street? You will never attract and keep good sales reps without having a good pay plan and training.  We know the problem and here is how to fix it. Start with what you have. Pay bonuses on increases of productivity only. Pay on the increase and you never have to pay unless you make your money first. All departments should be envolved in this bonus.Whoever wins the…


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Time to move on and do something about it.

 This True car deal is no different than the guy down the street advertising at cost or below. It's no different than when the internet came out and people were worried everyone will come in with the cost of a car. This simply is not the case. One thing will remain the same. The best trained sales force can overcome anything. What's your thoughts?

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The difference between a good training class or workshop and a bad one.

 I just came back form a work shop in Michigan. I said lets talk like friends and ask any question you want. Before I got started a guy in the back said,is this one of those motivational deals that you go home all fired up and don't know what to do? Before I could answer a guy up front spoke. He said, I don't need to know that I should get my name out there as much as possible. Are you going to show us how? I told him I will show you how to spend one dollar per customer and get your name…


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Prospecting and word of mouth.

 He who gets 10 men to do the work of one gets 10 times the return. J P Getty said I would rather have 1% of 100 men's effort than 100% of my own. Jesus started with 12 men and look how big that got. There is nothing better to be successful than prospecting and word of mouth. You agree?

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The difference between a good dealership and a great one.

The difference between a good dealership and a great one

I just worked with a dealer that really gets it ! He understands that there are more customers outside the dealership ready to buy, than will ever be there during their biggest sale. He is going after them, instead of waiting for them to come to his dealership!                           

 Within two days he had his sales reps in several…


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Attitude , Goals and working your plan are the key ingrediences to success.

Attitude alone doesn't mean any thing except you have a good attitude. Goals are needed for sure and coupled with attitude still doesn't make you successful. It's not until you put a daily plan or daily routine with a good attitude and personal goals will you be on the road to success.                                                                                                        It is difficult to have a bad attitude when you are hitting your goals. You will hit your goals more times… Continue

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What do you think of the new FB changes?

I think this is slow and I can't cover as much in a short time. I liked seeing the bigger picture of what is going on. What do you think?

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How long do you keep a new employee before letting him go ?

I had a manager say to me sales people should be able to sell cars in a week or ten days,  A lot of dealerships don't give the new sales rep time to learn. If a sales rep sells 8 to 10 or more a month , that is ok to start. So how much time do you give them to learn?  My answer is 20 months. You hardly get repeats in the first year and can get some referrals if you follow up and keep prospecting.                                                                                                    … Continue

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Dealer says to the sales force 400 Holiday cards by December 1st or no ups.

Do you think this dealer is to demanding ? Do you think this dealer is successful by making certain things a requirement to work at that dealership ? Is this the difference between a good dealership compared to one that is getting by ?

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I'am in this for me the salesman said.

 I don't understand why other guys don't get it Doug said. What ever I do at work has to be a benefit for me or I don't waste my time. I know I have to help others to get where I want to go, that's a given. But I have a plan.  Don't get me wrong I help people all the time but I know good things will come back to me because of this. I expect the return some how but will never ask for any thing when I help someone.                                          I do more mailers, phone calls and…


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Our freedom

We really do live in the greatest country in the whole world .  Thanks to the people in our armed forces we have real freedom here in the USA. Sound off to thank them and if you agree with me. Happy Holidays my friends.

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