The difference between a good dealership and a great one.

The difference between a good dealership and a great one

I just worked with a dealer that really gets it ! He understands that there are more customers outside the dealership ready to buy, than will ever be there during their biggest sale. He is going after them, instead of waiting for them to come to his dealership!                           

 Within two days he had his sales reps in several businesses Prospecting. One sales rep is having his picture on 6000 pizza boxes every week for the next several weeks. The difference is the owner is helping the sales reps get it done and believes in prospecting. It is now a requirement to have prospecting tools that are guaranteed to bring customers in the dealership. Some dealers say I'am not spending money on prospecting tools. I spend enough on advertising. This dealer said I will help them to get started and they can get there own later.This dealer got more done in a week than most dealers do in three months. The difference is he believes in it. We did a conference call with him yesterday and an article will be in AutoSuccess Magazine in the near future. Do you think this Dealer thinks different then most other dealers? Why?

 Thank you.

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Comment by Tobias Sedillos on November 3, 2011 at 7:45pm

Thank you Fran!  I went to your website, and that means a lot coming from a person with your experience and background.





Comment by Fran Taylor on November 3, 2011 at 10:22am

Tobias that is some outstanding information that everyone can use in any business. The hand written cards make it personal and takes little time. I strongly suggest that if any company pays a  referral fee it is put on the back of all business cards and put in every card sent. Thank you and best of luck.. 

Comment by Tobias Sedillos on November 2, 2011 at 3:52pm

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so long-winded; but my message did get cut short. Just curious about your thoughts – and of course I am always happy to pass something going along to somebody else if it helps them.




Tobias Sedillos


Comment by Tobias Sedillos on November 2, 2011 at 3:48pm

Mr. Taylor,

I wanted to run something by you to get your opinion on it, I have been in the auto industry for almost 11 years; but about four years ago I began sending out greeting cards to my clients on a regular basis. I don't have any magical words that I put into my cards, I just make sure that the message I deliver is about "them" and not "me".  I have learned that "appreciation wins over self-promotion" every single time.  I think a lot of people mess this up – simply because they send them something that is impersonal, or has a selfish motive behind it.

Sometimes the message is to say "thank you for your time", "Congratulations"; or just the occasional holiday or Christmas card ( I have found that people get together with the people that mean most to them to celebrate holidays – it doesn't matter if it's July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, or something in between – these are the times people get together with friends and loved ones.)  During the last four years I have seen my business transform from one that received an occasional referral to one that consists of 90% repeat and referral business. Here's the most interesting thing to me: half of my referrals come from people who have never personally purchased the car from me ( I stay in touch with them the same way I take care of the clients who chose to purchase from me).  It seems to me that a lot of dealers and sales people have really failed to recognize this powerful truth: the people who do not buy a car from you are in just as good a position to refer you as the others who did buy from you. A lot of people talk about "control" being a major component to your success in this industry – but here's the one thing that you truly can control… The way you take care of people after you have met them.

I understand that a handwritten cards can sometimes take a lot of time – to pick them, write in them, sign them, address the envelope, stamp them; and then get them mailed. Because I stay in touch with over 1000 people, this task would be very difficult for me to do on a regular basis by myself. I now use a system that charges me 62 cents (plus a stamp) to send out my cards - I know there are other places that will do it for less money per piece; but here's what I really love… This company has turned my handwriting into a font, and once I pick the card that I want to send, all I have to do is type my message once; and the company does the rest.  This company will print, stuff, stamp, and send off the card to my client.  I really liked that they didn't have any minimums, because when I first started doing this for four years ago there was a time when I was only sending out 20 to 30 cards at a time; but now that my list of people I take care of has grown to over 1000 I really appreciate the savings of time that the system has given to me. A lot of people have a difficult time visualizing the leverage of being able to step in to 1000 homes to deliver a kind message (or what I like to call a "hug" with the fold in the middle) in less than 15 minutes; but I can tell you that it is very powerful.  I used to work six days a week – and at times it was really a struggle; I now work four days a week (by appointment) and get to enjoy a much better quality of life in my career.  I have sent out a lot of cards and gifts to people over the last four years, but it is difficult to put into words how much this has helped me in my life – both inside and outside of my career.

I have been told by some very reputable people in this industry that you are the king of prospecting and networking – and I was curious if you knew of any others that were doing things the way I have? Also, if you have any dealers or salespeople that you think could benefit from a system like this; just let me know and I would be happy to pass along the informat

Comment by Fran Taylor on November 2, 2011 at 1:47pm

 Yes Ernie there are two kinds of prospecting and both are very effective if done properly. One of the biggest problems sales reps have is learning how to give the prospecting tools out. Just because you have a lot of prospecting tools won't make you more successful. This will certainly help. It is like having pens with your referral and phone number on them. You can give out a 1000 and don't get any thing back.                                   As soon as I had a customer at my desk I gave them a little gift and thanked them for the opportunity to work with them. I then told them that's how I take care of them after the sale. It was almost like cheating because they appreciated the little gift. Thanks Ernie.

Comment by Ernie Kasprowicz on November 1, 2011 at 12:23pm

Fran I like what you said in an earlier comment that there are two kinds of prospecting; prospecting for new business and prospecting those already sold.  That, is very important and speeds up the process while building and maintaining a strong future.   

Comment by Fran Taylor on October 28, 2011 at 7:56pm

 Thanks for asking me to write our success story's we have with dealers for AutoSuccess magazine Brian. I have more for you too. Joe I love the Frantastic. Thanks so much guys.

Comment by Joe Brunner on October 28, 2011 at 7:35pm


Comment by Brian Ankney on October 28, 2011 at 11:27am

Fran, you are the King of Prospecting. We excited to have your article in this issue of AutoSuccess.

Comment by Fran Taylor on October 28, 2011 at 6:37am

Rick all the big money made in sales is from repeat and referrals. Once sales reps get prospecting tools you have to teach them how to use them.Thanks Manny, Tobias, and Tim for the comments.                                                David make a list of all the people you know . Get a little card file box 4 by 6 and put the whole family's birth date in is.This will start you out with at least 750 names for you to contact. If you want I will send you my delivery check list to help you get started. Send everyone a Holiday card and not Christmas cards. Then call everyone in January when things are slow and ask them if they received your Holiday card. Then ask for referrals of if they know someone who needs a car. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Much appreciated. 

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