Ali Reda broke the record for Most Cars Sold in a Calendar Month in December of 2018, surpassing the long-standing record of 173 cars. Last week, we began to revisit the mindset and intentions of Ali and his team at that moment in time in our video series, Quality of Life. In today’s video, we’ll tell you more about those numbers and elaborate on the question we asked last week: Are you focused on your quality of life?  Ali tells us about his goals for 2018, and it might not be what you’d expect. He says he had no intention of breaking a record either time, but 2018’s intentions for him were focused toward happiness and quality of life.

  • Work less
  • Help and teach other salesmen
  • More family time

You see, because Ali believes that he can have personal and professional success, he can.  In 2018, he sold 1,363. In December, he sold 202.It’s a testament to how awesome he is that his proudest achievement in this is that it will help others believe that THERE IS MORE.  I invite you to watch this week’s video, and enjoy!

You see, Frank is right!  How you get to 1,363, and how you talk about it, and live it out - that’s where the real champion is in Ali. He is always flexible, creative, resourceful, and authentic. His focus exists in helping the person in front of him solve a need. You see, quality of life was the goal for 2018 and he found it. In doing so, what we realize is that you only win at quality of life if others are benefiting from the quality of your existence. 

Breaking the world's sales record is the byproduct, 202 cars in one month is the byproduct of focus, and of persistence, and of purpose, and of drive. Frank Lopes 

Frank tells us that whatever you believe the benchmark to be, know that the real measurement is in how you do it, how you go through it, and how you feel about it. The real achievement comes when you get there in truth. And Ali Reda is a guy who lives his truth!  Where should you begin? Have you read ‘Keep It Simple Selling’? Ali began this journey with our simple 3-Step Selling Process, and a relentless drive. You can do it too! Just click here to get your copy now! Thank you for being here with us today. You are so wonderful! In the comments below, tell us about something you’ve done recently to share the quality of your existence.

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