Service Sales Team: How to make it work?

Hey folks!  I have recently been asked to be the sole member of our new "service sales team".  The concept sounded great, and I was all for it, until it actually was put into action. For many and most dealerships, I fully support the idea. We use the angle of having equity in your current vehicle, so getting a brand new vehicle for no money down, and we can lower your payments. Good idea right?

Heres where I run into a snag...we used to be a Saturn dealership. Now we are Buick/GMC.  Probably 85% of our service customers are Saturn drivers, and probably another 5% to 8% are driving newer cars that do not yet have equity. Keep in mind that Saturns were less expensive than Buicks and GMCs.  So realistically, will I be able to lower someones monthly payment? I find it unlikely.


So my question is...does anyone have any advice on how to approach this new idea of working the service drive? I like the potential and the idea behind it, but given my situation I am somewhat limited. Please help!


Thanks everyone!

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