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The Game Face

August has been probably the slowest month I have seen so far.  Although i have only been in Sales for about six months, I can tell when things are bad.  And this month is just bad. Our building is undergoing a facelift, and this week they finally put the front face of the building on, and I must say it looks awesome.  I am convinced that the contruction played a big role in this month's inactivity. Now that we actually look like a dealership again, I have high hopes for September.  I did a…


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Service Sales Team: How to make it work?

Hey folks!  I have recently been asked to be the sole member of our new "service sales team".  The concept sounded great, and I was all for it, until it actually was put into action. For many and most dealerships, I fully support the idea. We use the angle of having equity in your current vehicle, so getting a brand new vehicle for no money down, and we can lower your payments. Good idea right?

Heres where I run into a snag...we used to be a Saturn dealership. Now we are Buick/GMC. …


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Pep Talk...

I don't know, maybe it's just me...there is definitely not enough floor traffic on our sales floor and I am getting discouraged. I am new to auto sales, so i don't have a customer base for referrals and repeats yet. During my twelve hour day, I only had two "ups". There are too many sale consultants on the floor from day to day compared to the floor traffic. I honestly can't see being very successful in these conditions. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy my newfound career, but I have to put… Continue

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The Jump From Service To Sales...

Hey folks! I have been in the automotive service industry for about 17 years, both as a tech and most recently as a service writer. I was a writer for about ten years. I enjoyed what I did, and was rather successful at what I did. After a while, I got "worn out" because I realized that at the service desk, I was in the hot seat all day long. After a lifestyle change last year, I felt I was ready for a career change. I second guessed myself, feeling that a career change at 36 years old was a…


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